Implantation Or Early Period Need Advice G Viv

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kidesign - January 15

First my day started out with pink and brown discharge- all day, and only when I wiped. Then, later that night I wiped and there was dark reddish/brown blood. Yesterday seemed to be a fairly heavy day.. Today very light and almost gone. My period is technically not due until today, and now it is seeming to be over. For two weeks or so, Ive got sore nipples, veins running through them, weird cramping, back pain, alot of white discharge before all this, and I feel tired and hungry all the time. I ovulated on New Years eve- so, the timing seems right. Im just confused if this is just my period or does implantation ever include dark red blood? I was so confident that I was until the dark red blood came.. please help!


kat - January 15

grampa viv is on vaccation til feb,just thought id let you know!


lisa - January 15

I also had the same signs as you but not the veins in the b___st.My af was not due until the 16 and i started on the 14 with the light blood when i wiped and the next day dark blood. My O day was 1/3, we had s_x on 12/31,1/1,1/2. I thought i was pregnant too.


kidesign - January 15

so lisa do you still think we are? my last pregnancy was twins- but it was 7 years ago! The most I remember about early signs was that certain smells made me gag.. It seems like my period came and then stopped suddenly- and this one seems to have the same characteristics. I talked to someone at work and she said she went through two periods before realizing she was over 9 weeks pregnant. So that gives me hope. Lets keep each other updated on any other symptoms... Ill keep checking if you have anything else to report! Good luck!


lisa - January 16

hi kidesign, the most remember is throwing up and my daughter is 3. yes there is still hope, my af is still flowing


kidesign - January 17

another sign that is weird is that ive got the Montgomery tubercles.. you know the white bumps-- they say you only get those when you are pregnant. Today I noticed brown discharge- I wonder how long it can last? Anybody know?


lisa - January 20

hey, well i have no further signs but you still have hope. those are promising signs. good luck. r you going to take a test?



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