Implantation Or Ovulation Please Answer I M So Confused

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Tracy - April 27

I thought that I ovulated around the 5th of April, a week later on the 12th I started spotting, it was a brownish color and it was only present when I wiped and in extremely small amounts. I noticed this for 3 days. I also must say that it wasn't there everytime I wiped, maybe just a couple times a day. That being said my period was due around the 19th. I didn't show up. On the 20th I took a pg. test and it was positive, but a light positive. So I figured I would wait until this past weekend to test again thinking it would be darker. Well, when I tested this weekend it came up neg., I tested again this morning, neg. again. What is going on? Could the spotting have been ovulation instead of implantation and that's why I haven't started my period yet? So why did I get a postive last week? I'm really confused. Can anyone please try to give me some answers?


Rainbow - April 27

Tracy, I would guess that maybe you got pregnant but it didn't hold. If your dates are about right, then the line would normally have been pretty definite, a day after your period was due. Thing is, the tests are so sensitive nowadays that they pick-up even very low HCG (pregnancy) hormones, but many fertilized eggs fail very early on. Before tests got so sensitive, you wouldn't even have known you were ever pregnant, you'd just have got a late period. If the spotting was implantation (but it failed) then your period would certainly be delayed. It's really common but it doesn't mean that you won't get pregnant! Your body will simply start a new cycle and you could get pregnant right away. If you don't get a period at all, you can always test again though.


Tracy - April 27

Thanks Rainbow, that was a very good explanation. Do you think I should call my doctor or just wait a little while and see if my period starts?


Rainbow - April 28

Personally, I'd wait a little while; if you feel fine otherwise (no bad pains). If you miss another period I'd see a doctor. If you don't ge a late period in the next few days, watch for signs whether you are starting a new cycle again, like whether you feel you are going to ovulate. If you do get a period soon, it may be heavier than normal because you were probably pregnant, so the lining of the uterus would be thicker than normal. If you feel a lot of pain, or the blood loss doesn't gradually subside, see your doc. In many cases, you just get a late, heavyish period and then life goes back to normal after that. It really does happen a lot. Hope you feel okay soon, R.



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