Implantation, Period Or Early Miscarriage?

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AliChristine - June 18

I will keep details vague but as adults keep in mind of the TMI facts.

I had the Mirena IUD for 5 years and was removed 5/2/17. I had a three day period starting 5/25/17. My SO and I are TTC. Today is 6/18/17 and I do not expect my period to start for another 7 days.

Yesterday 6/17/17 around 8pm I started a very faint pink-mucus like discharge that only was seen when wiped after urination. This light pink lasted through the night. This morning, after I wiped the color was more of a brown-pink mucus and stayed that way until around 5pm tonight. 

Now that is has been 24 hrs since the pink mucus started, it has turned into a red mucus, but not like a period consistency. I am wearing a pad but it's not needed because the color only shows when I wipe after urination. No cramping like my usual periods, so my mind is running crazy.

My question is: Based on my last period, it's probable that implantation could have started, perhaps my period came early, or there is a chance of an early miscarriage. Please, any insight, thoughts or experiences that will help?

I am waiting a week before headed to the doc to see how everything plays out. 



Grandpa Viv - June 19

I understand you are anxious for results and the timing is right for implantation. On the other hand quitting after five years of Mirena can have unexpected consequences. If you develop a list of early pregnancy signs in the next week it will be time to run a home test. The doc will not care if your first visit is after missing a second period. Prenatal vitamins are best started early. 


Anne13 - June 20

Hi. I just want to know if I am pregnant. I have a monthly regular menstruation and this June, it came but only for 2 days (duration is usually for 4 to 5 days). I'm feeling bloated. I did a pregnancy test but it is negative. Should I repeat it again? Thank you. 



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