Implantation Symptoms

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jjoy28 - January 12

Today is day 7 after ovulation- I had some strange cramps last night and some more this morning. They totally felt like I was going to get my period. According to when I ovulated, I'm not due for it for another week. Does anyone think this could be implantation symptoms? I read somewhere only 1/3 of women actually bleed during implantation. I have taken a test, and it was negative (yesterday). Do you think I took it too early? This would be my first pregnancy, and I JUST went off the pill. My husband and I got married in July and are TTC for the first time! So- let me know what you all think! Thanks!!


SweetP - January 12

Did you bleed? I always get cramps during the 2WW, but getting them around 7dpo is a great sign as thats right in the middle of the implantation window. Hope this means you got your BFP! I got a weird pinching around 5 thru 7dpo that was kind of weird for me, so to each his own. But my fingers are crossed for you!


Sue25F - January 13

I hope it's a good sign too. We used Pre-seed for the 1st time this cycle, I am only 2dpo but I have had terrible lower back pain similar to af pain all day today & when I was pregnant last time I did get symptoms very early. I hope we both get a BFP. This will be our 25th ttc (last pregnancy ended in mc) Good luck!


UnLuckyLady - January 13

i had a huge dip at 4dpo and a smaller dip this morning i am 6dpo today feel rough and rotten. also i had lower back pain and af type cramps last night and the night before but no bleeding,creamy cm and medium cp. im not sure if it could be implnatation but my af is certainly due in 8 days time


frankschick2001 - January 13

Hi there! Yeah, I think it may have been too soon to test. I know how you feel, I have been testing to early too! I am on day 28 of my cycle. My cycles are usually around 29-30 days, so I am going to test over the weekend if I don't get my period. It's very hard to be patient. With my last pregnancy (unfortunately ended in a miscarriage at 8 weeks), I did not have any implantation bleeding. My best friend who has two healthy babies also did not have implantation bleeding. So if you have not had any, don't take it as a sign that you are not prgnant. I do feel some strange sensations in my lower abdomen and uterus area. It's not apinful, just a weird pulling sensation.


kat34 - January 13

Hi ladies, i am 6dpo and af is due the 19th. The day after od day i had painful lower back pain it lasted all day. Does anyone know if this is common after o day? iwe have been trying for 12 months and i had a miss misscarridge last october. This cycle i have started writing down the changes in my body which if iam not pg this month i can refer back to it. Katx


AmyB - January 13

jjoy i am having the same signs and i am 7dpo also? but i did have a tiny bit of blood today? i wish you luck!



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