IMPORTANT Stress Can Make You Believe You Are Pregnant

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Hope - September 22

We all know ttc can be a stressful time. And many of us have wondered whether the cramps, the headaches, the dry mouth, the irritability, and more, were symptoms of implantation... And then we get our BFN and we wonder why. Here's why. The stress of ttc can cause you to manifest symptoms of stress-induced anxiety, including: Muscle tension Headaches Dry mouth Abdominal pain Dizziness Diarrhea or frequent need to urinate Fatigue Irritability Sleeping difficulties (These are from a medical textbook). Please ladies, please take care of yourselves. This is a tense time -- let it happen at its own pace. Try not to overthink. Try to relax, meditate, keep yourself calm. Anxiety does more than make you miserable -- it can also make it harder to conceive! Love and support to all of you.


Jess - September 22

Thank you for your words of wisdom. I have been having a hard time. I am still too early to test and am waiting. However, going by the signs of my body it looks like a positive. But I think about it all the time and I have just been worried it is just all in my head. The test will tell me for sure but in the meantime I will wait patiently, relax and try to keep calm. Thanks!


Mica - September 23

WISDOM indeed! This all can be very difficult!


hope - September 23

i was amazed how many of the things i thought were signs of PG were also symptoms of anxiety!


N - September 23

That is the best advice I've seen on here so far! You are correct that the symptoms can be very similar, however if you do experience early pg symptoms, prior to af date (which most women don't) you will notice a difference. For myself, I've found that It's best to not focus on symptoms too much (that can be difficult though!). That's why I had to lay off these threads for a while last month while ttc. Lately the threads have sucked the energy right out of me, but I can tell you that this one is great...keep it up guys that's what we need, support. After a few months of ttc, I finally got my BFP and am so looking forward to hearing about yours!


annette - September 23

i know exactly where you all come from.. i have been there. everytime i am so amazed at the numerous preggo symptoms i have , before my af arrives. i really dont know how to make my stress down, as nothing seems to help. i amlost see to lines on the hpt everytime i test, only to know that my eyes were merely playing tricks! even my hubby doesnt understand what i am going through..


ttc for9 months :o( - September 23

this is sooo true,i had a phantom pregnancy 6 months ago,so now a bfn means NO to me-lol!


bump - September 23




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