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Going crazy - October 19

I am on the pill, have been for years. My periods are very regular. I got my last one on Sept. 30 and it stopped on Oct. 4. I had s_x on Oct . 4 and 5. Unfortunately, I just realized that I was on antibiotics for a whole week the week before that and I know that can't be good. However, I relied on the fact that I had just gotten my period so I was "safe". But the past couple of days I haven't been so confident. I've been getting really bad headaches at night, and have been feeling queasy and just plain tired. I haven't thrown up, though. All I want to do is sleep and I've been warm, although not feverish. Plus, I've been peeing like crazy and have been so acidic. And all I can think about is food, the whole day, everyday, for the past few days. Could I be pregnant? I can't be, right? My next period is due on Oct. 28, but I'd like to take an hpt now. Please help! I'm going nuts!


........ - October 19

you can still be pregnant whilst having periods, it happens to alot of people and even though you take the pill, its only 99% effective!!!!


Viv - October 20

Sounds like a pretty good set of early symptoms to me. Damn those anitbiotics! Does it say on the pill package "Discontinue if you think you may be pregnant?" There's no point in taking an hpt until at least you miss a period, and preferably a week later. Good luck!


Going Crazy - October 20

Viv, I started getting cramps late yesterday afternoon and lasted the whole night until I finally took an Advil. I still have slight cramps today. I feel as if I have my period (which I don't). I'm also feeling kind of bloated. This could be a sign that I'm actually NOT pregnant, right? I am getting my period next week Thursday after all, so I'm probably just PMSing a week early, right? And the more I think about it, all those other "symptoms" could have other exlpanations. The headaches, constant peeing and gas could be because of the cold weather we've been having over here, and my sluggishness could just be because I'm tired from work.As for the queasiness, that was just one night. So I'm most probably stressing over nothing, right?


E - October 20

While many people, including many doctors, believe that antibiotics interfere with the effectiveness of the birth control pill, the fact is there are very few medications that have actually been proven to decrease the pill's effectiveness. Studies do show that antibiotics can affect the excretion of contraceptive chemicals in urine, but levels in the blood do not change, and there is no increase in pregnancy rates. --- Source:,,166936_151211,00.html?valSA=1&cobrandRef=0&arrival_freqCap=1&pba=adid=11465558


E - October 20

Please do a google on this. There is plenty of lit and the only thing antibiotics have been know to cause in women who are on the pill is breakthrough bleeding.


Going Crazy - October 21

I'm still confused... On one hand, I feel as if I CAN'T be pregnant because I am very faithful with my pill intake (very faithful, same time every night) and apparently, the fact that I was on antibiotics isn't really a factor anymore. On the other, I have all these "symptoms". While my cramps have more or less gone away (they lasted 2 days only) and I'm no longer abnormally tired, I still get occasional headaches and I'm still peeing all the time (which I think is probably just caused by the cold weather). Plus I feel very bloated (which could also be due to the fact that my period is due next week) and acidic. I just have a bad taste at the back of my throat (which is NOT normal for me). And I'm still always hungry. Is this pregnancy, or just early PMS?


Jamie - October 21

could be early PMS . i had symptoms like that once and was wondering if i was preg. and turned out it was just pms and some stress due to my recent non-stop travelling. don't stress youreself out too much although i know its hard. just wait till the 28th and then if still no period take a test!



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