In Regards To Cramping Amp CM Newly Pregnant Women

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withheld - February 19

Where do you feel the cramping, in the middle right above bikini line, or on the sides? Any discharge/cervical mucus?


hello?? - February 19

anyone there??


Grandpa Viv - February 19

A clear or creamy discharge is normal. Many women describe the cramping as "a tugging feeling". For a reason I don't understand, more women say it is on the right side. Hope it helps. Sorry the forum is slow right now.


Serenna - February 19

I feel dull pains as if my period is coming in my lower abdomen other times i feel like my left ovary is pulsating. Hope that helps. Good Luck


lyla - February 20

I feel dull cramping low at the bottom near my bikini line.....and sometimes like Serena, I feel it on the side like I have an ache in my ovary.


S- - February 20

Did anyone feel anything on top of their belly b___ton- that's where I feel something, but don't know exactly what it is- nausia, af coming? I have never had cramps or morning sickness before, so I am really unsure.


~m~ - February 20

Mostly a "stretching" feeling, and mine is mostly right behind my c-section scar. It usually concentrates on one side or the other. CM is abundant. Mine is not stretchy. Good luck!


lyla - February 20

today I had a pulling feeling coming from my bellyb___ton, anyone know what that could be? and why? I sometimes have a tingling sensation near my c-section cut, it kind of worries me sometimes. I want to try and have this one natural. I had a c-section 2yrs ago with my first baby. Do you know anything about having to have one all the time or is it possible that I can have this baby natural?


Becky - February 20

Lyla, Click on "Cesarean Section" under the pregnancy topics to the left (in the blue column). It can tell you about having a natural birth after a c-section.


~m~ - February 20

I had a C w/my first. Doc told me that women sometimes do v____al after C, but there's a chance of uterine rupture. That was enough to make me go ahead and opt for subsequent C's. I had one w/baby #2, and I will have one w/baby #3. Good luck!


kim - February 20

i'm starting my eighth week today and ever since my 4th week i've been cramping. it feels like mild af cramps right above my bikini line. i also have discharge everytime i wipe and it looks kinda yellow (maybe it's my pee, but it s usually not that color!) but anyways, i was told all of that is normal. hope everythings ok


lyla - February 20

Thanks becky!!



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