In The Early Weeks Of Pregnancy

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fiona - July 20

i have heard that your cervix feel like your bottom lip in pregnancy, is this from the start or can it feel like a softer tip of your nose?? its just that i am pretty certain i am about 7 weeks preg i have lots of cloudy/milky mucus but cervix feels like a softer tip of your nose, is this normal?? anything would be great, thanks in advance!! =o)


b - July 20



jasmin - July 20

hi there fiona, i am glad u asked the question. I also need the answer.let's hope somebody answers.


fiona - July 20

plz help, 2 ppl need to know!!! thanks


Stephanie - July 20

The discharge is normal As long as it doesnt burn or itch....Also I think that it can feel like the soft tip of nose...Im in the same perdic_ment..You should take a test hun...If your that far along ull get a possitive if you are...I have to wait unfortanitly untill aug 3..I hope to be prego been trying for 3 years~ Do you have any other signs.


fiona - July 20

hi thanks for your reply, im currently sat eating a jar of pickled onions, i never do that!! get sickky in mornings, sore bbs, kinda crampish in lower abdomen, did you want anything else. LOL


bump - July 21



b - July 21



KJ - July 21

i dont want my AF 2moro


Heather - July 21

KJ at least you only have to wait until tomorrow! I have to wait until Aug. 6!!!


KJ - July 22

its 7.09am UK time and AF as yet, today is due day and i really dont want a visit!!!! if no AF show will do test 2moro as will be approx 8 weeks!!!!!


KJ - July 22

also it my 21st b'day 2moro!!!!!!!


Scarlett - July 22

Hi Girls, I am 6 dpo and this morning have an abundance of white cloudy cervical mucus, could this be a sign of pregnancy, I haven't noticed this in the last few months I've been trying?????


Heather - July 22

I tried to feel my cervix also and I think it feels like the tip of my nose - my question is how long does it take to feel like your bottom lip?



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