Increase In Veins Showing In Legs Grandpa Viv Anyone

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Amy N. - September 19

I already have really translucent skin but last few days I've noticed the veins in my legs are really showing, I'm about 8 dpo, possible I'm pregnant or just getting old (haa haa) Thanks


bella - September 19

I've noticed the same thing. Lots of other symptoms too but other than that don't know if it's a sign or not. xx


Amy N - September 19

ahhh so I'm not alone.. I've also noticed more veins than normal in my b___bs with some tenderness and a runny nose, but then again I have allergies.. Sometimes I think its all in my head do you?


AmyN - September 19

guess this answers our question: Normal veins carry blood from your extremities and organs back to your heart. The veins contain a series of valves that prevent backflow of blood. If these valves are missing or faulty, blood will pool in the viens where the pressure of gravity is greatest, usually in the legs, but sometimes in the rectum or vulva, resulting in bulging. Varicose veins are more common in those who are overweight. During pregnancy, pressure on the large veins behind the uterus and leg veins causes the blood to slow in its return to the heart. This, coupled with the pregnant woman’s expanded blood volume and hormone-induced relaxation of the muscle tissue in the veins, can lead to varicose veins in the legs and hemorrhoids (varicose veins in the v____a or around the a__s). Varicose veins look like swollen veins raised above the surface of the skin. They can be twisted or bulging and are dark purple or blue in color. They are found most often on the backs of the calves or on the inside of the leg, anywhere from the groin to the ankle. Also, veins become more prominent on the surface of the b___st. There may be a mild achiness or severe pain in the legs, or a sensation of heaviness, or swelling. In sever cases; the skin overlying the veins becomes swollen, dry, and irritated. In most cases, the problem will clear up or improve spontaneously after delivery, or by the time pre-pregnancy weight is reached. Varicose vein symptoms can be treated with various techniques. From natural supplements surgery, there are a variety of effective varicose vein treatments. Tips to Prevent Varicose Veins and Minimize Symptoms During Pregnancy Avoid tight knee-highs or garters Avoid excessive weight gain Sit with your legs and feet raised when possible. If you work at a desk, you can prop your feet up on a footstool, box or several books. Or when relaxing at home, keep your feet up on a footstool, some pillows on the couch, or another chair. Try to avoid long periods of standing or sitting. Avoid heavy lifting Avoid straining during bowel movements as this can lead to hypertension and hemorrhoids Try to exercise twenty to thrity minutes a day; this can be something like a brisk walk or a swim Vitamin C helps to keep veins healthy and elastic Some women get spidery purplish-red lines on their thighs called spider veins. These result from the hormone changes of pregnancy and should not be confused with varicose veins. They usually fade and disappear after delivery. If not, they can be treated easily by a dermatologist.



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