Increased CM At 10 Dpo

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Kat - October 11

Is this to soon to be thinking of pregnancy. I have been very sleepy and light headed for about 3 days and my cm is creamy not really white like O cm but pretty heavy is this a sign. I 've only been of the pill about 3 months so im not sure if pregnancy is possible yet??


staci - October 11

pregnancy is def possible! at 10dpo if pg the egg has just implanted itself, give or take a few you def could be feeling some side affects of changing hormones......the cm sounds promising.....give it a few more days and you'll be able to start testing...sorry if i am of no help! good luck!


Kat - October 11

thank you staci, that is very good to heat im not crazy and there is a chance this could be it... Baby dust to all


Kat - October 11

Anyone else have any thoughts...


Cendy - October 11

Hi Kat and all. I am 9 dpo and I had cramping at 6 dpo. I am also having a lot of creamy white cm that has turned a yellowish color as of today. I am not sure if it is a sign of pregnancy, but I think it could be since the mucus plug would be starting to form. Have you tested yet? I did this morning and BFN. I have a long cycle of 33-34 days so I am not expecting AF to get here on the 18th. Good Luck!


Kat - October 11

Thanks Cendy. No I havent tested not ready to see another BFN. So i thought i would wait and see what you gals thought before jumping into the testing. But You both have been helpful and its good to know im not the only one in the waiting game. Guess thats all we can do is wait. cendy keep me posted, wait a fews days and test again. What brand did you use?


to kat - October 12

hi i had a light positive on monday at 11dpo i tested again yeaterday and today 3 times,yes i am a testaholic lol and the test lines were darker so i am not expecting af symptoms were similar to yours increased cm sleepiness,i am usually up till 2 or 3 in the morning but i was falling asleep around 11pm at night ,and today i feel light headed ,i had slight cramping last night but it subsided quickly ,going to the toilet moreaswell hope this helps good luck



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