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Hope35 - December 16

Hi All - I have been visiting this site daily, and have "talked" with many of you. Just had a question...Since I first posted, my twinges and abdominal pains have decreased, but not disappeared. I've had slight cramping across my lower abdomen and some twinges in my right abdomen now also. My br___ts seem to hurt more and more, and the last couple of days, I have started to see some veins around my nipples. They also feel swollen to me. In addition, I am now having some (not a lot) of milky white, creamy discharge. (No STD's clear of those). I am also tired, not exhausted, but yawning alot and having to get up at least once a night to urinate. AF is due in 3 days, and I am not sure what to think at this stage. I have taken one HPT way too early (can you guess what that said?) and one this morning (also negative). I know it is still early, so it may not show yet. Any thoughts? I am hopeful, but worried this is all just PMS. Thanks!


bump - December 16



kim - December 16

I also am playing the waiting game.. I tell ya it sucks. Hang in there!


Sarah - December 16

Sounds like your going through the same thing as me....I resisted the urge to test, got the negative once and hated the feeling so I am determined to wait until AF date has come and pa__sed. I have similar symptoms as yourself though. Some light cramping for about 1 1/2, One night had blood spot and pinkish looking toilet paper. I too am having milky white creamy kindoff discharge.....discharge should be gone this close to period shouldn't it??? Also I think my temperature is still up which may also be a sign. It's so hard not to trick your mind into thinking your pregnant!!! My cycle is like clockwork, I only ever deviate 1 day or so.When are you due for AF?? I'm due Sat or Sun....keep me informed


Hope35 - December 17

Hi Kim and Sarah - thanks for the input, it helps to know that I am not the only one feeling this way. Sarah, I am also due Sat or Sun for AF. The waiting is killing me!!!! Keep me informed of how you do. I will keep my fingers crossed for us all!


Grandpa Viv - December 17

The veins and the discharge are very encouraging - not PMSsy at all. No intestinal changes yet? Good luck to you!


Sarah - December 17

Sounds great for you Hope!! I am extremely ga__sy lately, (could be the holiday tangerines though :) My temp has gone down a little bit which makes me think AF is on her way. I may go out and purchase some ovulation test strips...I'm also temping but find it very frustrating. As I have said to others, I think just having s_x every two days should work.....don't you think?? I will for sure let you know if AF comes on the week-end or when it does. Best of luck to you!! Grandpa Viv I checked the Triphasic thing and there is evidence supporting a stayed increase as a sign of pregnancy but there is also eveidence that suggest many women don't get it that are pregnant!!!!! AAAAhhhhh.......Oh well I will have some lavender baths and try not to think about things b/c this is likely when it will happen!!


SJ - December 17

Hello - I am also due Saturday or Sunday and am so nervous! After 6 months now of ttc I am praying this will be the month. Had a lot of symptoms last month but think it was because I just wanted them to be there so badly, so I have tried not to think about it much this month not to get my hopes up again, but I did wake up very early this morning feeling nausiated with dihorrea (sorry for tmi) however this could just be a tummy bug. and I also have the creamy CM same as you and blue veins round my nipples. I have not dared take a test yet as I think it will be too soon. Please let us know how you both get on over the weekend - best of luck to you!


Hope35 - December 17

Grandpa Viv, thanks for the encouragement. Glad to hear that these are positive signs. :) Sarah and SJ I will keep my fingers crossed and let you know what is going on. Best of luck to you both!


bump - December 17



SJ - December 20

Hi Hope35 and sarah, how did the weekend go for you? Still no sign of AF which is good, but I took one of those early first response tests yesterday which are supposed to be able to tell 4 days before you are due and it was negative. I am feeling terrible though, still have the sickness and dihorrea and now have a cold as well think I will have to stay off work today. really hope its not just winter flu! Let us know how you are both getting on hope it will be good news all round! I have my fingers crossed for you! I am going back to bed now as feeling poorly but will read your responses later. xxx


jay - December 20

Hi SJ - I was due Sat or Sun - but nothing either. Took ANOTHER early hpt but it came up neg. I am on a 27 - 32 day cylce - also went and researched (on Grampa Vive's site). ovualtion and implantation. My cm was like egg white last weekend (opposed to around Dec 5or 6th mark like when I was "suppose to ovulate". So..if I ovulated later than expected - then the HPt and blood test (took that on friday) would be neg since we do not start increasing HCG until 7 - 9 days after implantation. So - keep your chin up - you could be in the same boat as me! Keep me posted.


Hope35 - December 20

Well, AF reared her ugly head for me on Saturday, WITH A vengeance I might add. VERY heavy. Oh well, will just keep trying. Best of luck to the rest of you. I will keep tabs on the site until next time.


SJ - December 21

Hi Hope35 really sorry to hear about AF arriving. Been there and know how dissapointing it feels. Lots of good luck to you for next month! Jay, thanks for your advise where can I find this website? I am so nervous now I am never usually more than 1 day late and was officially due to start AF on saturday! How are you getting on? I have one more test left in the house and i am finding it so hard to resist but dont want to be dissapointed again. When do you think i should wait until? We could test on the same day to make it easier?? Thanks again!


Jay - December 21

Hi SJ - I think I obtained the infor from Grampa Vives' site - sure though because I looked up ovuation sites like crazy just to find out answers. What I did find out (which explains why in my first pregnancy I did not get a positive until the second week of a missed period) is that not all of us ovulate at the same time or around the same time. Instead of measuring from our lmp, we should measure from our last ovuation date - a minimum of nine to days after - that is when the HCG starts to increase significally day by day. Just think - we start off with a max of under 5 in our system, but the early pregnancy tests can't detect any less than 25 in our system. I tested yesterday evening - my 8th day past (cause I am a retard with the patience of Nat), got a neg (not surprised), so I am going to test again tomorrow, since it will be my 10 th day past. So - wanna test first morning urine tomorrow??? I will log in at 630 am and tell you my results. Good luck!!


SJ - December 21

Yes ok i am so exited will post tomorrow to let you know - that is if AF doesn't show up first - fingers crossed for us both xxx P.S thanks for the ovulation info!


lola - December 21

i've also tested early and it's disappointing so i'm bound and determined to wait for af day. however, as of this morning, i still have my symptoms, but know i just feel like af is coming. i do have a question though, i see that you wrote about twinges and pains in your abdomin. i noticed the same thing yesterday, almost like you're about to cramp but it only last a few seconds or as if you pulled a muscle or that a symptom of something??



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