Inexpensive PG Tests

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Rachel - January 18

Has anyone out there used the PG tests from the 99 cent store? I bought a couple the other day and on the packaging they are compared to ept. It would be a great savings if I knew they worked. Thanks


kati - January 18

i was wondering the same thing.......let me know what you find out! that would be great if they worked the same! i have spent so much money on those things!


Suzie - January 18

i bought one from the Dollar Tree store guessed it! a dollar! i worked just fine for me. BFP! i also used the other more expensive ones and got the same results.


Rachel - January 19

Thanks Suzie. I took one of the 99 cent tests this morning and got a really faint positive. It got a little darker after 5 minutes, but the test says to disregard any results after 10 minutes. I guess I will have to retest later. I'm at work now, so I guess I'll have to wait until lunch.


Suzie - January 19

yw...let me know how it goes. good luck!! just remember a faint line is still a positive as long as its within the alloted time.


Bee - January 19

Rachel, how many days late are you on your period. So, that I can get an idea. I just took a pregnancy test from the 99 cents store, and it came out negative. I am 7 days late on my AF. I have all the pregnancy symptoms and am going crazy trying to know, if I really am or not. Thanks so much - for any info.


Rachel - January 19

Bee, I am only one day late. I've heard that it takes some women a lot longer to test positive. I'd suggest that if you do not test positive within another week and you still haven't gotten AF, you should probably go to the doctor and have them do a blood test. They are apparently more accurate. Good luck :)


Becca - January 19

They worked for me! Actually they were more sensitive than the First Response. I think The Dollar Tree can detect as little as 25mIU and First Response takes 100mIU to get a BFP. (The lower the numer the more sensitive.) I was kinda mad I wasted so much money on First Response!:-)Good luck!!


Bee - January 19

Rachel, thanks! I will wait one more week, but it is so frustrating to wait.


Rachel - January 19

Becca, was your result really strong. Mine was very faint and it got darker after 5 minutes. I am afraid I was looking at it too long as it got darker. What do you think?


Becca - January 20

No, It was faint at first. I don't look at them after 3-4 minutes because they can get darker after time, but it was faint. So I waited until the next morning for first morning urine and tested and it came out darker. They are so cheap you can buy several and test. (I know I was a maniac!) lol. But if you have a faint positive you are pregnant!! The package says any line in the T space is a positive be is faint or dark. I am 8wks 6d today and took one this am for fun and it was DARK. (of course.) I mc in April so I guess I just like to keep making sure. lol.


Rachel - January 20

Well, I took two tests yesterday (from the 99 cent store) and they both came back really faint positive. So last night I went to the drug store and bought one of theirs. It was positive!!! I'm pregnant too :) About 4.5 weeks. I can't believe it. This was our first month trying. The only symptoms I have are bbs are sore and swollen, some cramping that is off and on, and some moodiness. I sure hope I don't get morning sickness. Good luck everyone :)


Bee - January 20

Becca, Congratulations! How long after your missed AF did you test with the HPT and it showed a faint positive. I have done allot done, can't even remember maybe 20 or more I tried testing since 5 days before my AF and nothing. I tried again today and nothing, I had this real sharp pain on my side so I went to see my doctor and asked to have a blood test, I hope I know something tommorrow. I will keep yaw posted and again congratulations. I would be 5 1/2 weeks pregnant if I am.



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