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baby_maybe - April 22

soo i know i have a possibility of being pregos right now and i was wondrin on signs i have been having (early signs) ha this will prolly be TMA but idk if they are relevant because i won't know if im prego till saturday MAYBE monday... ugh anyways the past couple days i have either been constipated or had dirreah just out of the blue without my stomach hurting and really bad gas (and foul smelling which it usually isn't) does any of this have anything to do with possibly being pregnant? ha thanks!!


kimberly - April 23

Constipation is a early sign but as you know only a positive test will tell. I got constipation real bad with my second but it started around 8 weeks.


Grandpa Viv - April 23

Yes, pregnancy hormones affect the muscles that move food through your gut, upsetting the digestive process in various ways. You may experience heartburn, excess bloating, and shortness of breath too. How about peeing more, wet down there, appet_te, smells and other unusual PMS experiences. Take a home pee test first pee Sunday morning and repeat a week later if still in doubt. Good luck!


baby_maybe - April 23

thanks guys! also... ha probably TMI buut!!! is the "wetness" mainly on the inside? lol because alot of the time im like that, but i don't have a "foul smell" that i hear you also smells normal so i don't know! ahh i have no patience


Grandpa Viv - April 23

Some women do experience infections as a result of pregnancy hormones affecting v____al chemistry, but that is not what I had in mind. The wetness I am talking about is just excess mucus at a time when most women expect to be dry, right before the period is due. Some also experience a runny nose or excess, metallic tasting saliva.


baby_maybe - April 23

so i don't really notice if i am dry before my period but are you able to get dry during the early pregnancy or not? just wondering lol im so confused by everything and VERY hormonal these days ha


kimberly - April 24

When is your af due to come? (period) I have 3 kids and my first sign with all of them was I had no pms symptoms, but everyone is different and has different symptoms. Most women have luekoria (white creamy discharge) during pregnancy, it can be a small amount for some women or alot for others. I never used cm as a sign of pregnancy though because I got it as a later symptom like around 10 weeks. I know how hard it is but you will just have to wait to take a test.


baby_maybe - April 24

its due to come tomorrow night possibly maybe sunday...on a daily basis i sometimes have more discharge than others and now its not horrible...but it isn't gone really either? lol i heard you dry up usually before AF but can you also dry up during the pregnancy at all? or is that like impossible...?



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