Intuition What Do You Think

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curious,,,,,,,, - June 3

How does everyone feel about the whole women's intuition when it comes to pregnancy? I know someone who has always known, even before a positive test that she was pregnant. ANyone else?


Melissa - June 3

I think that could be true. I haven't known anyone who knew they were...but suspected strongly and they were. Sometimes there are women who r more tuned into thier bodies than others...Me on the other hand wouldnt' know if i was or wasnt or the


Amy - June 3

well i'm really not that in tune with my body i have been pg 4 times and did not know till test showed + but i have read on here one lady just knew and sure enough she was right i wish i could do that then no worndering for 2 wks


Wendy - June 3

My MIL said that after her first preg., the second time around and so on 3 more times she knew that she was pregnant. Just a few days after "o", she'd test and it would be "-" cause it was too early. I wish I knew my body, cause I think I am, but it's probably too much wishful and obssesively thinking... Good luck to all and lots of baby dust!!! :)


Kel - June 3

I've though I was pg every cycle for the entire time we have been ttc. Everytime I keep coming up with new "symptoms" wondering if this is the time and sure it is different than before - I was wrong each time. This time I am going to try to ignore any symptoms and just relax. Of course when you are actually going through the 2ww I'll probably change my mind and freak out about the next symptom that I could swear never happened before! Baby dust to everyone!!!*****


I did - June 3

I knew that I was pregnant with my son, and this past month, I knew that I was pregnant again-had to take the test for husband to believe too!!!


MG - June 3

I truly feel that I am pregnant. If I am, I will never doubt my gut instincts again! If I'm not...well, the mind is a powerful thing.



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