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???? - September 30

hi just wanted to vent.I must start by saying i class myself as avery good mother but i feel i have let myself aswell as my family down did i do something wrong?? imy husband and myself have or should i say had been trying for another child for the last five mths and i was becoming concerned about it taking so long ,but something i now believe was stopping me .my 16 yr old daughter had gone on holiday with her best friend and family a few weeks ago and i entrusted her to them ,thinking that they would keep her from trouble,i had asked her on many occassions if she had a boyfriend and each time lately she had been saying no she had not.SHE is i thought a very level heade intelligent girl,but this familys 21 yr old son had without anyadults knowledge took a liking to my daughter and visa versa and they had started a relationship hidden with the help of her best friend.well the crux of the matter is she is now pregnant ,all h__l broke loose as ytou all can imagine.i am so upset my youngest child is 0nly 2yrs old and my 16yr is still my baby too where did i go wrong with her she has always been well looked after loved taught right from wrong ,a few mths ago i had considered putting her on the pill i feel terrible that i didnt do it sooner .instead now of becoming a mother again i am now to become a grandmother .she is keeping the baby i will be ther for her as will her dad ,her partner FOR NOW!!!! AND HIS FAMILY.DISSAPOINTMENT ,SAD AND ANGRY AT MYSELF IS HOW I FEEL and i dont know how to deal with it.


Ann - September 30

Dont blame yourself, its a big step to put your daughter on the pill and you probally thought you had enough time to consider it a bit longer. You must feel so bad right now, but its not your fault. Young girls from ALL backgrounds fall pregnant regulary, so its not that you have failed her in anyways. Young girls are lead by their heats, romantic idealisms and hormones and your daughter has been caught out. A young member of our family became a mum at a very young age, and at the time my partents were horrifed, pregnangy outside marrage was a sin where I grew up. But now 8 years on, everything is fine and the little boy is very much a part of the family and loved to bits. You must feel shocked at the moment, especially as you were planning another child yourself. Keep strong, im sure you will get used to the idea soon and in years to come you will totally love and cherrish your first grandchild. Life is a very unexpexted, my freind who is only 29 has terminal cancer and will never have a family of her own. I know this dosent help, but there is the POSSIBILITY of a happy ending. good luck to you and yours X



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