Irregular And Unsure

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Brittaney - August 8

I was wondering if anyone would be able to shed some light on what I am experiencing. I haven't had a period since May. My periods are often irregular and have been known to skip months entirely. However lately I have noticed that I am going to the bathroom a lot more then usual, my br___ts don't hurt but my nipples tingle a bit, my stomach feels kind of hard, I feel tired a bit more and I am moody. My eating habbits haven't changed. I took a test at the end of June just out of curiosity and it was neg. I was wondering if anyone had any experience like this and if anyone thinks that I could be preg. I understand that only a medical proffesional would give me a real honest answer and another test would also but I just wanted to hear some sisterly advice. Thanks Ladies.


C. - August 8

I have to say, my sisterly advice would be to test again..It's now more than a month after you last tested and still no AF. But if you test negative, i would see a doctor, to discuss how to regulate your period. After all, you don't want to have to wonder every month about whether you are or aren't, and you need to know where you are in your cycle, if you want to conceive. Good luck Brittaney.


To Brittaney - August 8

no advice but to share w you tat i hv been experiencing cycles tat cld last me as long as 59days .. all sort of pregnancy symptons BUT no babe! :( initially i even see my gynae during the 6th wk but see none fr the scan & -ve on the urine test. i guess it's the hormones playing us out .. hee, stress factors etc. of course the best answer is already mentioned by urself - see the doc & do another test. all the best!


Keiko - August 8

Another Blonde Joke.. A man stopped his car to ask for directions. "Excuse me, Sir. What's the quickest way to town?" "Are you walking or driving?" asked the local man. "I'm driving." "Well, that's the quickest way!" (We ladies know this isn't true, a man would never ask for directions!!!!!)


Brittaney - August 8

Thank you to all of your sisterly advice ladies. All of your helpful inputs and ideas are much appriciated!!! I just need to see my doctor you are all right! And to Keiko thanks for the joke! :)



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