Irregular But Hopefull

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kate - May 12

i have had irregular periods for years now. does anyone knew if people with irregular periods have problems conceiving ? has anyone ever heard of people conceiving normally even if they are irregular. i need some advice. thank you !!!!


lacy - May 12

god bless you. hoipefully everything will go as you hope !


kristie - May 12

I too am irregular. But I have been prenant 2x and working on the 3rd now. So you can get pregnant it just seems to take us longer because we never know exactly when our ovulation time should be. My suggestion is to get the ovulation prediciton kits from the store. They help you pinpoint when you surge and can more accurately tell you when you will ovulate. It took me 6mths with my first and 2 with my second and I am on my 5th month of ttc now. Good luck and I know that it is frustrating. If you still have trouble after using the tests I would go to your dr so they can test your hormone levels and make sure everything is okay. Sometimes people with irregular periods have off hormone levels and all they would have to do is straighten you out. I know my hormones levels were low and therefore I dont ovulate each month right. So if I dont get prego this month I have to go on Clomid to help. Sorry this is so long and hopefully it was helpful.


aimee - May 12

my mother and grandmother both had irregular cycles. i did too when i was younger, but i started getting regular when i was 15. i started my period at 9. i had no problems concieving, but if youre having regular s_x, the chances of pregnancy occuring are good. just like kristie, my suggestion is to get an OPK. Good luck!


ld - May 12

I'm also irregular any tips would be helpful. I Have couple of questions. When you don't O, you don't have AF, Right???? For being irregular I was told to have intercourse every other day starting 10days after AF for 14 days. that would be days 10, 12, 14, 16,18, 20. Too much s_x I guess is not good for getting PG. Hopefully this well hope you. I just started using this method. Keep me posted if it works for you


lacy - May 12

thanx just gave me alot of hope. this is my 1st month of trying. we are having s_x every other day. hopefully we will be lucky at one point. good luck to all who want to be pregnant. san gerard pray for us


ruby - May 12

i have always been irregular. my dr actually put me on 5 day's worth of provera last month because i had't had a period in about 70 days. i really thought my dh and i had gotten it right since we had plenty of s_x when i got a +OPK, but after seeing the dr again on tuesday (36 days into my cycle), he once again gave me more provera to get AF. he wants me to go in for bloodwork on the 21st day of this cycle. i'm hoping to god everything is alright. i have been able to conceive twice so i don't see how i could NOT be ovulating. this would be our first...we're very anxious. has the s_x every other day method worked for anyone? do you the method right after AF or wait 10 days after AF like Id wrote?


Davida - May 12

I was irregular for years until I got pregnant with my now 10 yr old daughter and ever since than my cycles are down to the minute on time, except for the last 13 wks of course!


kate - May 12

the problem with being irregular is that you dont knew exactly when you are ovulating. i wonder can you get pregnant just when a woman ovulates--or any time of the month.


D&N - May 12

Hey kate I was wondering the same thing 2day...I was thinkiong that is pretty mean of a trick from above. I hope it can be able whenever.


kate - May 13

so all of us irregular woman what should we do--have s_x every other day and eventually we will hit bingo?? anyone have any experiences to share. positive and negative ones.


Grandpa Viv - May 13

Women with irregular cycles need to learn the signs of ovulation such as cervical mucus and cervical position (and sometimes just feeling real h__y). In addition they can do Basal Body Temperature charting which pinpoints when ovulation occurs. Start charting at and you can forward your charts to your buddies. Once you have figured out when to expect ovulation you may also decide to use ovulation predictor kits (right alongside the condoms) to detect the LH surge. Fertility is highest the day before ovulation. Good luck!


ld - May 13

When ovulation occurs can it make the mother be real h__y. Thats how I''ve been feeling all this week. When I go on to they have a pg Planner and it said that my big fertile day would be on the 14 of may. I hope it is right. Why is that when you are ovulating you get real h__y?????


Grandpa Viv - May 13

God wanted lots of babies, so she fixed it that females would want s_x most when they were at peak fertility. This also happens to be the reason that teen females lose their restraint at the most inopportune time.


KT - May 13

Grandpa Viv-I wonder can you get pregnant just when a woman ovulates--or any time of the month


ld - May 13

Has anyone Tried the Ovulation Pee Strips or Sticks


ld - May 13

Grandpa Viv So what if during ovulation you have s_x every day can you get PG Or is that so much. I was told to have s_x evry other day. This week it has been hard for me to control myself. I just feel like ripping aprt my DH.



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