Irregular Periods Possibility Of Pregnancy

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Kiki - October 1

ever since I first got my period, it has always been irregular. Lately, it has been even more-so. for the past 3 months, I've gotten it twice every month but this last month it has been especially screwy. Towards the end of September, I though AF was coming only to realize that something was different... it wasn't the normal color, no red at all, just brown and my period was very light, lasting only a mere 3 or so days. Clear watery discharge also accompanied this moreso than the blood. I am ALWAYS a heavy bleeder so this struck me as odd. A few days after that though, I started feeling rather nauseated, gassy, and rather lazy...not necessarily tired, but definately worn out. I figured it was just a stomach virus but it hasn't gone away. I don't have a fever and I don't feel that "sick". I just don't feel like my normal self. Now, my question is, could I possibly be pregnant and why would my last period be brown in color and mostly clear discharge? My husband and I have been ttc for 8 months now so I'm trying not to get wrapped up in this...just looking for anyone's input. Thanks!


*Susan* - October 1

I too have irregular periods....I had my period last thurs, fri, and sat (short for me)and the first day it was brown and the last two it was blood. I still just felt really weird and took a test just too see and it was positive! I have taken 6 and every one of them was very positive so it is VERY possible! TEST!


kiki - October 1

thanks Susan! Your response is very rea__suring!


*Susan* - October 2

Post something when you test!! I would LOVE to know!


jen xxx - October 3

hi susan... was ur bleeding normal or just spotting ?


patty - October 3

hi susan and kiki-i also have irregular cycles. what are your cycles like? and how do you tell when you are ovulating? good luck kiki and congrats susan !!!!


*Susan* - October 3

My bleeding was completely normal,but my period was only three days (it is usually 4 or 5). My cycles range from 35 to 37 is very hard to know when you are ovulating with periods like mine b/c the doctor said since my cycles are so long I may not ovulate every month....but he told me as long as we have s_x three times a week we shouldn't have any problems...and well, I got 6 positive test results Thurs and Fri!!!! I am bout to call my doctor as soon as they open! Wish me luck!!!!


*Susan* - October 3

Oh...and the first sign for me to take a test was after my period I was still feeling bloated and know after you have a period you feel skinny again and 100 times better? Well, I felt the same and I had some brown watery discharge so I took a test immediately!


mickey - October 3

susan did you pa__s any clots during your period


*Susan* - October 3

No, I didn't


patty - October 3

susan-best of luck !!!!!!! did you use first morning urine for those tests or the 2nd morning urine---which i read was better ?


*Susan* - October 3

I tested at about 3:00 in the afternoon....I really dont think it matters when you test. I called the doctor this morning about my blood test and he is suppose to call me back when he gets a chance! I have been waiting for 1 hour and 40 minutes...I am really going crazy!!!!


*Susan* - October 3

The blood test was positive!!!!!!


patty - October 3

susan---congratulations-have a happy and healthy nine months !!!!!!!!!!!!



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