Irregular Periods But Possible Pg

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MuzikGurl - December 17

I have irregular periods so back on Aug. 20th my doc. started me on the depo. challenge for 10 days. everything went well, I had a withdrawl "period" on Sept. 1st-8th, then I started my real period on the 17th-19th on the 20th I started my birth control pills..I was feeling great all this time then on Oct. 13th-17th I had my period then on the week of the 24th my boyfriend and I decided to stop the pills and try having a baby. Nov. 9th-13th I had another period. On the 15th-30th of Nov. we had s_x almost two or three times a day everyday cause I thought maybe this would be the time I was ovulating since I was beginning to feel feverish (temp. rising). On Thanksgiving day I felt sick to the point I didn't want to eat but, I was hungry was a weird feeling. It went away on the 29th and I assumed my next period would be around Dec. 9th-ish during this time I felt and still feel dizzy, had headaches, nauseated(spelling??), exteremly tired and just recently these past couple days I've been having cramps and dull back aches. It is now the 17th of Dec. and still no period...I took two HPT came out neg. do you think I could be pregnant or just a delayed period and need another jump start again? I have very irregular periods...(went almost 2 years without one) doctors couldn't explain why I wasn't having any but, now that I have had 2 regular periods I think maybe now it's time or either a baby to pop up or a third one. Has anyone else gone through the same thing??? I am planning on going to the Doc. next week around the 20th or 21st (before x-mas!) to see if maybe I can get blood work done. I'll keep you guys posted. But, in the mean time it would be nice to know what you all think....(would be a great x-mas present)


F R I E N D - December 17

My friend was very irregular she told me her period only come once a year. And it's amazing she got pregnant last year and she has now bouncy baby boy. She was already 8 weeks pregnant when she found out. She did not have symptoms other than her belly was starting to show up. She even had to do set ups coz she thought it was just abdomen fat. :) Hope you are pregnant I know it would be a great Christmas present as I am hoping it myself.



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