Irregular Periods Negative Blood Test Still Pregnant

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Tania - May 4

Hi everyone, I have irregular periods, so I am very confused. The month (January) I moved to other state I had periods twice (normal ones) then after that I had no periods. I sometimes have 4-5 month delay so I didn't pay attention. Now at the end of April I am having nausea (it happens all the day, with small breaks in the middle of the day, and actually worst nausea is in the evening), strange taste in my mouth, I feel very bloated (tummy is bigger) and I noticed I have reaction to smell. B--ts are not hurting though and not dark. I did hpt-negative, blood test-negative, yet I feel like pregnant. I had unprotected s_x on the 6th of April, and blood test done on the 2nd of May, was it done too early? I am having hormonal defficiency maybe that's why it is negative? I am not trying to get pregnant, and never was actually, so I really didn't pay attention to spotting (I don't think I had one). I want to know is it possible to be pregnant and not have implantation spot. Also did anyone have negative tests and still was pregnant say 3 months? I wonder how is it possible to have nausea due to increase in hCG and have negative hCG tests? I really need to know, because even though I was not trying to get pg news about negative blood test made me upset, and I feel different physically. I also get scared that if I am not pg then there must be something serious happening with me? I would appreciate if someone who had similar situation write about it. Good luck to all of you!!!


kim - May 5

I also have irregular cycles. Mine have even disappeared completely before. I feel pregnant a lot and I am not. I think it is the hormonal imbalance we must have( why we don't get a period). I feel nauseated, dizzy, bloated, tired , sore bbs, and very moody sometimes, this last all month for me. If you really think you could be pregnant go get a quanitive blood test from your DR. they are accurate more so then HPT's. I will say with a irregular cycle it is very hard to concieve. If and when you want a baby I would suggest seeing a Dr. about regulating your cycles so you don't go through the 3 years of trying like I did.



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