Is 20 Too Young

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anonymous - March 3

everythings fine in my life, i've graduated high school, later on i'll take on college, i've been with the father for over 2 years, and we've got the finances to manage our child. i just need to know if people will give me a bad reaction over my age.


Lee - March 3

Get your college work in first. Trust me! I worked in college admission for 8 years and I can tell you it's FAR easier to to get your college out of the way before marriage and a baby. Good luck! Also I find that people pity you or feel sorry for you if you are young and w/ a baby. Just my opinion. A baby is wonderful but you have PLENTY of time : )


anonymous - March 3

well, i really don't want to be pitied or anything, it's a happy occasion, ya know. as for college, i really don't think i'm ready for it at this point, which sounds stupid, but i'll go for it later. lee, it's kinda late though i'm already 9 wks. but ANYWAYS.. thanks so much for writing back!!!


meg - March 3

I agree with lee, you do have plenty of time. I wanted to grow up too fast I had my son when I was 21 and wish I had waited. I lost many friends. And never got to go back to study. Your baby will wait for you.


me - March 4

anonymous, i am 20 married to an army man, graduated high school, and plan to take online college courses. We are trying for a baby and have been for a while now. I miscarried a baby in jan. of 2004 and every day i think of how old the baby would be if that didnt happen. Its always on my mind. I wasnt married at the time. and was scared when i found out i was pregnant. but to this day i wish that baby was here with us. If you and your husband are both ready to take on this huge responsibility then i say more power to ya. Good luck with the new baby and school. wish me luck. i get my blood pt results tomorrow.


Jae - March 4

Hi, well i was 19 when i had my son. Im now 25 & my son is 6, I go to college & manage to fit in studies, work, a busy social life & lots of after school activities. Dont let anyone ever tell you that you cant do it & remember age aint nothing but a number. You will always encounter those that have perceptions about "younger mothers" but the best way to confront that is to show everybody what a wonderful mum you are.....


Belle - March 4

What is the right age to have a baby? as per the ladies opinions of course.


mulgajill - March 4

The Right Age.... I had my first at 34, that was "the right age" for me, my two best friends had theirs at 19 and 42, that was the right age for them, another girlfriend had her first at 16, yeah, he's all grown up, turned out quite a nice young man.... so there is no "RIGHT AGE"....


22yr old - March 4

my mum had me at 18yrs and im glad she did! i dont believe there is such a thing as a right time but having a bit of money saved for baby helps and wanting that lifestyle as your whole lifestyle will change for good but if you want that then thats great! im trying for a baby because i want to be a stay at home mum and enjoy raising kids and maybe fostor and adopt also. whatever you decide i wish you the best of luck and do what is right for you,its your life after all!!!


22 yr old - March 4

i also have to say it does upset me that young women who have kids before they are 25 are judged and people think they are too imature because thats not true as you can be a bad mother wether you are young or in your 30's.society also seems to view raising children and staying at home to be there for them as not a real job when its the hardest but best job in the world!!!ive always wanted to be a full-time mother as my biggest goal in life but people think i would be throwing my life away?!!!i think you just have to do whats right for you and not whats right for other people!


36 year old - March 4

You have to do what's right for you. I was preg at 29 and was b__wn away by the amount of responsibility and work involved with caring for a child and was glad I had gone to college first.It would be much harder to accomplish that now. As they say "it's easy to be a bad parentbut it's a lot of work to be a good one" As far as age, I've know great new moms at 25 and at 40! We mother's should bond together no matter what. People seem to judge instead of accept. Who's business it really if you want 1 or 5 children and what age you have them. I agree w/ "22" that only you know whats right for you. Great luck!


Sabine - June 13

I'm 20 years old and I want to have a baby, but I'm not too sure about the pro's and con's of having a baby please tell me what you guys think


Kris - June 13

I had my first at 20 and i love it. I like being young with my kids..


Rainbow - June 13

to Anonymous..since you are 9 weeks preggo already, congrats and don't worry what anybody says. Hopefully they will be happy for you and if they are not, too bad, can't go around asking the whole world can you?! :-) As to Sabine..if you have a choice, I'd wait because it can be pretty hard; you grow up very, very fast whether you like it or not. But there's no hard and fast rule, what's right for some is wrong for others and the other way round.


!! - June 13

Well, it might be nice to be young with the kids now but when you are 40 there's no mistaking your real age when you admit to having a 20 year old child! Your kindergarten friend however, with the 2 year old doesn't seem a day over 30, he he.


Nicci - September 9

I got pregnant at 18 and had my son at 19. It was stressful at first, but my "high school sweatheart" and I got married when my son was 8 months old. We are both in college and he works for UPS also. We are managing everything fine. Also, my hisband was the "bad-a__s" trouble maker in high school, but even those guys can change. He was recently baptised at our church and we are great. Pray to God for help, he's always there, and you can always get through the tough times. Good Luck and Congratulations!


- September 9

wow this post is soooo old, why drag it up from the past????



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