Is A Short 3 Day In This Case Period A Sign Of Pregnancy Also

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Scott - August 17

OLD SITUATION:: Me and my wife (both 18) have decided to have a child so on the 9th, 10th, 11th we had s_x and I didnĀ“t use a condom and ejaculated inside her. Of course we both thought she has to be pregnant 100% and I bought her a home pregnancy test yesterday on the 12th and the result was a blue strip (negative) AND a red faded mark which we thought was positive. Now on the 13th her period came!! I was disappointed and to make sure I bought her another home pregnancy test and the result was negative. NOW: Her period lasted from Friday to Monday could this be a symptom and should I buy her another pregnancy test?


!!!!! - August 16

Scott you CANNOT do a pregnancy test only 3 days after you have had s_x. Please tell me that you and your wife are not that stupid, you are 18, not 12 for goodness sake! S_x doesn't automatically mean pregnancy, it could take you upto a year of trying to concieve. You also had s_x at a very low fertile time in your wifes cycle. NO she is not pregnant if she has had her period.


J - August 16

I think you've posted this a couple of times before - you obviously don't like the advice you are getting. Your wife IS NOT pregnant Scott. If you want to have a baby have s_x DURING OVULATION, not several days afterwards.


lidia - August 17

I don't think calling scott stupid and using harsh language is appropriate in this, a public forum. Scot and his wife are very young. Therefore, it makes sense that he's not too educated on the subject....yet. At least he's asking, trying to educate himself. And, Scott, if you really do want to have a baby I suggest that you -as with anything in life- do your research first. Responders: please consider that people come here, sometimes very scared, sometimes very elated, and if they see your harsh responses, they're apt to choose not to ask their question which defeats the purpose of this forum, which is to educate people. Share your knowledge, not your criticism.



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