Is A Sore Throat REALLY A Sign

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mgn - January 12

I have heard that a sore throat can be a sign of pregnancy? is this true? has anyone else heard this and/ or had this happen to them? If it is, does anyone know why this is a sign? Seems strange to me. How could it be linked to pregnancy?Thanks


DaBonkElsMe - January 12

It could be. Some women say they experience a sore throat before getting their BFP's. However, in my 7 months TTC I have had a sore throat three times after O and before AF. This month being one of them. I am 5dpo today and have a sore throat. i think I am just getting sick though. So I guess I wouldn't count it as a symptom until after you find out. Then you could say it may have been one!!


Kira_lynn - January 12

I've lost 2 pregnancys (13 & 19weeks) but both time i got a sore throat...and ironically a head cold... who knows...i think im pregnant again because i have amazingly sore/achey b___st and i still have 5 days to go till my af!!!!!


jessicaspatherapist - January 12

i had a sore throat and swollen glands when i got my bfp....but then the next week had a very bad i don't know how its linked but perhaps the pregnancy lowers your immune system and you are more likely to pick up a flu or bug.


soimpatient - January 12

I can only speak from my experience and I had a sore throat the week that I got my bfp. I have also read somewhere that your immune system is slightly surpressed immediately after implantation. This happens so your immune system doesn't try to fight off the pregnancy. The immune system sees the pregnancy as foreign and therefore tries to do its job. I don't know how accurate this information is but I found it to be quite interesting.


Grandpa Viv - January 12

Pregnancy horomes make some women's mucous membranes go into overdrive. The lotion discharge is one manifestation, and runny nose / more saliva is another. Under some circ_mstances runny nose can translate into sore throat.


mgn - January 12

well my dh and i only bedded 1nce this mnth and it was really early (cd7) but my af was late last mnth so i could hve Oed earlier than i think. anyhow, i hve alot of lotiony cm like everyday and i also hve a sore throat. i thought i might be getting an infection b/c i hve so much cm. it has a kinda smell to it. not bad, just strong. maybe i am just sick and hve a yeast infection BUT mybe this is my mnth? oh, how badly i wish it were. thanks 4 all ur input. i cannot remeber the last time i had a sore throat so it is kinda making me hopeful. we shall see. thanks again. anyone else have any sore throat stories related to bfp? that is so cool how the body works. amazing.


stefkay - January 13

I had a sore throat, swollen glands and a stuffy nose too right before bfp and still have the stuffy nose in the morning a month and a half later. I think it is both the mucous membranes build up and the immune system is lowered at the beginning. I didn't have a fever or anything suggesting a virus which is what really clued me in.


sonu - January 13

i am on CD20 and i too kinda had a sore throat when i woke up this morning...hope i too get a BFP


hrtbrker - January 14

hmm it could be i just got mine though at 9 weeks i never thought of that being a symptom but i hear about it alot, weird...



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