Is A Week Too Early

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Priscilla - January 12

Please help- I need advice. I have been searching the web to find an answer and can't seem to find anything. This past Thanksgiving my husband and I lost our 9 week fetus to miscarriage. I then had a period 4 weeks later on Dec 23rd. I timed my ovulation for the 7th of Jan -last Tuesday. It has been only 8 days but I have had night nausea again, which I did with this last pregnancy, severe back pains, moodiness, headache, and this weird twisted feeling in my stomach- like when you're pregnant. But even with my last pregnancy I didnt feel any of this until I was at the time my period was to occur. And I have 10 days or so until my next period is even due! Please help, I am in an emotional roller coaster and wonder is it unlikely to feel these sort of symptoms when according to some pregnancy calenders the embryo has not even made it past my fallopian tubes.


m - January 12

I ovulated at approximately the same time as you, and am having symptoms too. It is definitely possible to feel things this early. I had 2 miscarriages this past Fall, and both times, I could feel I was pregnant before I even got a positive test. If you want to look at something, I started a thread in the General Pregnancy Questions forum. It is t_tled "from m to my pals". I talk about some of my symptoms, so we could compare if you want. You can join the thread and talk about your symptoms, and we'll both get advice. I will cross my fingers for both of us!!!! Best of luck, and baby dust to you! * * * *


Gissele - January 12

Priscilla, I'll say I'm on your same situation a had a m/c on nov.19 the bleeding stop on the 23rd. I got my period on dec. 22 for 4-5 days and then i got it again on the 31st for 3 days. Now I've been feeling morning sickness since yesterday, dizzy, tired, sleepy with cramps. Could I be pregnant or its just mentally how soon should I be feeling the symptoms if I'm. (prior to my m/c my cycle was every 28days every month)



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