Is Acid Reflux A Sign

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colleen - October 28

Sorry to ask a random question, but I was wondering if acid reflux could be a sign. I've never ahd it before, but have gotten it the last 2 days after I eat. It's actually like vomiting in that food comes up, but in a burp (sorry for being graphic). Anyway, I was inseminated through IUI on the 17th (when I ovulated). It's been about 11 days now and am wondering if this could be an early sign. I know it's really early to tell, but I was just curious if this could be a sign. Thanks!


Viv - October 28

Progesterone affects the muscles of the intestinal tract, including the esophagus. Reflux is thus one of the signs. Ga__sy, both ends, they sometimes say. It's odd that it should be the first sign you comment about. Also the 9 day lag is on the long side. Colleen, if that's the only symptom you have so far, I would keep my hopes under wraps for a while longer. We have our fingers crossed for you.


Colleen - October 28

Thanks for your reply! I was ga__sy and crampy a day or two after IUI, and it still continues a bit (especially the ga__siness!) The acid reflux thing was very odd for me though. It has never happened before. Again, I'm tempering my hopes with reality, but still look for clues when I can! :-) Would areolas be getting bigger yet, or am I imaging b___st and areola growth? Again thanks for your reply and kind thoughts!


Marsha - November 21

I have had acid reflux for 4 days, and I've never had it in my life. It makes me feel so nauseated, like I need to throw up but don't. I was wondering this exact question, so I'm so glad you asked it....I also have had really wierd aversions to alcohol lately. I drank twice in the last few days, prob. a little too much but not enough to warrant how it made me feel. I threw up both times. I don't really have any other pregnancy signs, except just feeling not so hot and this nausea! Is it possible? I'd due to start in 2 days.



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