Is Anyone Trying For A Baby More Than A Month

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lisa - December 30

is anyone trying for a baby more than a month i tryed just for a month should i give up?


kim - December 30

Dont give up it may take 4 months... Sometimes even longer.. If you really want a baby hang in there and keep trying and have fun while your doing


Dharma - December 30

Lisa don't give up after a month, like Kim said it can take alot longer.. and if you really want a baby it is worth trying for... this is only my 2nd TTC.. but I am prepared that may take a little while longer...


lisa - December 30

thank you both.Thats what my husband said .we just can't understand how some people get pregnant so easy.


shut up - December 30

losers haha i have a baby.


ok - December 30

whats up with people.


Dharma - December 30

Hey b___h... i also have one this is my 2nd so why don't you crawl into a whole these these girls alone and try to find a Teenage Chat room


Wendy - December 30

Hey smart girl "SHUT UP".. hmmmm why don't you just disappear hey.. This is a site for women trying to have a baby.. well done you have done it... so have millions of other people.. Your just a sad lonely bitter piece of c___p...


lisa - December 30

dharma or kim do you know what clomid is?


Dharma - December 30

Lisa its a fertility drug to stimulate ovulation...


dharma - December 30

does it have to be prescribed by a doctor ?


losers - December 30

dont ask her questions she do not know anything


Dharma - December 30

Hey Lisa yes it does....


Dharma - December 30

Well I am in Australia so it does here so if your somewhere else maybe you don't.. but i would imagine you would need a prescription from the DR


Pregancy-Info-Net - December 30

This message is for all person/s not using this site for the correct purposes. Your comments have been reported.


lisa - December 30

dharma your from Australia?thats cool im from philadelphia USA.


Dharma - December 30

Cool.... most people here are from the US I think....



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