Is Anyone TTC And Is Expecting AF On The 25th

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Suzie Q - December 11

I was just wondering if anyone out there is TTC and is expecting AF on the 25th..because i would like to know how they are feeling as far as symptoms if any. Im TTC and AF is supposed to visit on the 25th of all days! Im hoping she dosent come!


joanna - December 14

not me but gl


J - December 15

Hi Suzie Q. I am (i think as my November period was 5 days late). I feel c___p at present. Ive been feeling sick everyday since 4th December and my nipples have been sore since the 9th (with the ends turning slightly white, this had died down a bit now). I took a test today (Negative. I know it was to early but just feel as though I am) What are your symptons and how are you feeling? Hopefully AF doesn't come on 25th of all days let me know how you are getting on.


Lynnie - December 15

My AF is supposed to come then too what a great day for that. I have had the sore b___st and the cramping but that's about it. Me and my husband have just started trying. But, I quit birth control back in June. What symptoms have you had? Hoping for a good Christmas present this year.


chrissy - December 15

hi suzie q and everyone else AF is supposed to come on the 24th. my husband and i are hoping it doesn't. it would be the best christmas present ever. i have been feeling extremly tired i have had some twinges on my left side and have been experiencing cramping off and on . ihave also been naseous like car sickness. my b___bs are extemly sore and are larger than usual. good luck to everyone. lets keep each other posted.


Sarah - December 15

Hi everyone! AF is due on the 25th for me also. Like everyone my hubby and I are hoping for a special xmas gift. We have been TTC for 5 months. I have been feeling pretty normal, except my temp has been up every day and increases with each day. I always feel super hot when I wake up. My b___sts are slightly sore, and today I noticed some brownish dishcarge when i used the restroom, so could be implatation. Wishfull thinging for everyone. Happy Holidays!


Suzie Q - December 15

Im praying that AF doesnt come to visit on Christmas!! Oh i forgot..i have a 30 day cycle. As far as symtoms b___bs arent sore but i get a tingling feeling in them every once in a while, i did have a couple episodes of a feeling like car sickness, and ive have been having some cramping feelings...i still have about a week before i can do any testing but i bought a whole bunch of tests at the dollar tree store and have been testing everyday anyway LOL I cant help myself!!! im addicted!! keep me posted everyone! :) and ill do the same! GL and fingers crossed!!


Suzie Q - December 15

oh yeah..i forgot im ga__sy too! LOL


amy - December 16

suzie q, hi my af is also on the 25th. my nipples have been sore for days now. im having food cravings and eating like a cow. my lower back hurts and my stomach makes alot of noises


SarahD - December 17

My AF is due on the 25th as well. I have been feeling tired, and headachy. My apet_te is not really there, things that normally I love dont sound good. On 12/15 I had a little pinkish-brown discharge. My b___st are tender. My husband and I have been trying to concieve for 4 months, and sometimes I think I trick myslef to believeing that I am pregnant because we would love it, what a great xmas gift. Good luck to everyone trying, Its comforting knowing that there are other woman in the same boat.


Suzie Q - December 17

The more i read...the more i am beginning to wonder if this is all in my head. I hope not. If AF doesnt come to visit that would be wonderful...if AF does come....i have to start taking clomid and a HSG to deal with. also my husband has an appt with a cup on monday LOL.


t - December 17

Suzie Q...Dollar tree? HAH! They have one right by my house...I'm up to 7 tests now, how about you?


Suzie Q - December 17

LOL i think i got you beat! ive done one everyday since ovulation! :)


karen k - December 19

ladies why dont the ones of us due for af on the 24, 25, 26 post daily with our symtoms or lack there of.. maybe we can help others that have the same symptons if we get a bfp.. !! some of you that have posted it seems you are pregnant.. according to other post i read of ladies that got a bfp. as for me i am due on the 26th, i am feel car sick, b___st are sore on and off ( i normally get sore bb's before af, but this time seems less) got a bad toothache ( abcess) this past week.. aso i had to take antibiotics, ga__sy, seem a bit tired today.. crampy at the bottom of my stomach and lower back.. i have three children.. with my youngest being 13, the only symtoms i remember is m/s starting at 6 weeks.. also i am really hungry.. temps are still above 98


chrissy - December 19

hi all. well supposed to get AF on the 24th. still have all the pg symptoms. car sick,really sore b___st, crampy feeling. and just yesterday i started spotting. at first it was bright red with mucousy discharge and after wiping a few times went away. then it turned into brownish discharge but during the day yesterday i had AF like cramping this is so unusual. i also had slight spotting right after ovulation around the 10th i am on a 30 day cycle. and i have been extremly tired and nauseated where i will be extremly hungry and then when i eat i get really nauseus and somtimes vomit. i am still hoping for that christmas present this would be our first so i am praying AF will stay away. good luck to you ladies and i am keeping you all in my prayers at night.


SarahD - December 20

I think that is a good Idea Karen, the thing is, I really dont feel any different from the other months that I have been TTC, The second mothe I tried I thought for sure I was PG because of the symtoms that i felt. I hope that I am not just imagining the feelings. This weekend I spotted a little, sometimes that happends before af, but like chrissy, I also spotted around the 14th. This is quite frustrating, I think the more we think about it the more obsessed we get. I have only tested twice, (not looking forward to a dissapointment). I think the thing that frustrates me the most is, one of my really good friends got PG on the first time she tried. Well today is my BDay so I will test today, maybe get a bday present!


lola - December 20

what does af mean? and yes, i'm ttc, my period is due the 26th, i have extremely tender and swollen chest, i have had some nausea, sleeplessness at night, and as of today a weird tinge in my side. i'm hoping NOT to get my period..i'm wondering if the symptoms arein my head. making myself a little crazy!! but my chest is extremely swollen and tender, more so than for my normal pms. how soon can these symptoms start, b/c i'm not even due for my period until the 26th???



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