Is Brown Blood Considered AF Or Spotting

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catsmeow - January 17

I started a very light AF 6 days ago, but it was unusually light, and brown and clotted. Then today, I started bleeding more heavily and red, which is what my usual AF is like. So is that CD 1, or did CD1 start when the brown blood started? It was more then spotting, but no more then having to use 1 pantyliner a day. I never have AF that light. Anyone?


ursula - January 17

AF is considered actual red blood flow, anything before is considered spotting.


wishing@28 - January 17

Hi Catsmeow. I read and according to my doc that as long as the spotting is consistant, like having to change you panty liner every 3 hrs and there is some sort of discharge on it, like brown, pink etc blood. And if it lasts for a few days and everyday before you get a flow of red blood then it still your period. You can count CD 1 with the consistant brown spotting. I have the same periods and consider cd 1 with brown spotting. I ovulated aboutish 14-16 days later on a normal cycle from the bown spotting day. My periods only started like this 1.5 years ago. Oh and spotting is actualy, (according to one website), tiny spots, that are mainly seen when you wipe and very rarely seen on your underpants or panty liner. Other than that it is considered a very light flow. Now in the case of implantation bleeding I am not sure.


krissy2006 - January 18

catsmeow, I'm sorry but I have to disagree with wishingat28. Spotting is just that, spotting. Any old blood (brown or light pink blood) cannot be considered full menstruation because menstruation is the shedding of the lining of the uterus and when your uterus releases the old blood or is just beginning to let out the fresh new blood, it is not yet your menstruation. Menstruation is when there is full red flow and is considered spotting when it is anything else. BTW spotting is exactly as it sounds. It is very light and normally not red, although it may be, but the best characteristic of spotting are SPOTS. :) Hope this helps and I hope I didn't offend you by disagreeing with you wishingat28.


riss - January 18

I am sorry wishingat28 , but i have to disagree with you also. I am someone who spots for 1 week before my af turns to red flow and for 3 months (before i started charting) i was counting from when i started spotting brown. When i started charting i realized that i was wrong and that i should have started from when it turned red. The 3 months i wasn't charting resulted in dh and I bding at the wrong time, it also shortened my so called luteal phase. When i started charting red flow as cd1 it all made sense. 3 months of charting and i got my BFP just before Christmas. Good luck catsmeow. Hope this helps.


catsmeow - January 18

Ok, so I've counted the brown as spotting, and the actual "flow" day as CD1. This is my first cycle where I have experienced the 4-5 days of spotting before AF actually fully starts, does anyone know what causes this? I quit BCP's last January 2006, and only had 2 cycles in 2006, one in July, and the 2nd in December, and then this month I get hit with this one. Could it be my cycles are now returning? Thanks Ladies!



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