Is Brown Discharge Indicative Of Period Or Pregnancy

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Elisabeth S - September 20

Just curious-period due tomarrow but have had 2 faint positive tests. I don't know if I believe them, I have heard some complaints about Accu-clear. But anyways, one time yesterday and one time today I had brown discharge when I wiped. Does this usually mean af is coming? I saw some posts that said its a preg symptom. I had pink spotting sunday I thought it looked like implantation. It's ok either way, just want to hear what you guys know about brown discharge. thanks!


k. - September 20

That's how my period always start, with brown discharge... Good luck though.. It's a good sign that you have 2 faint lines on preg tests.. get a different test, like equate for first response and see if you get a line on them.


sarah21 - September 20

I'm with k.-- my periods always started with brown spotting. I never had even a pin drop of blood once I was pregnant; no implantation bleeding or anything, thank goodness. I would have freaked if I did. Good luck to you.


Elisabeth S - September 20

thanks...I actually have had implantation bleeding, thats how I knew I was pregnant last time, but it was just a drop of blood......I'm having lots of weird symptoms and my temp is either pregnant or sick! It is fine if I am not pregnant...I am just a little worried. thanks guys...


k. - September 20

Hi Sarah, I never ever had implantation bleeding either, and I have been pregnant twice... Sarah, are you ttc or already pregnant... I recall your name from other topics but can't I have a 9 year old son and a 10 month old baby boy.. we do want # 3 but not just yet, maybe sometime in the new year but I have given up my pill so when we are ready I don't have to wait for that to leave my system... when I gave it up last time, it took me 5 months to ovulate..


k. - September 20

Elisabeth... have you taken another test yet.?


Bren1367 - September 20

I would say try another test to be sure. I also have brown spotting at the start and sometimes on the last day of my period. On another note, I fell pg in April of this year but m/c in June, and the whole time I had brown spotting. I also have a cousin who had brown spotting all through both of her pregnancies and they went fine. So it might be a sign for either one. Sorry I'm not much help but just thought I'd give you some more info.


Elisabeth S - September 20

no not yet....hoping the UPS man gets here before I leave with my cheap online tests because I don't want to spend anymore money on store ones...i'm really nervous! thanks guys....I usually don't realy have brown spotting...this jut is weird because my Cheri prediction that I did just for fun, not really cuz I was trying, was for this'll be so weird if she was right


Marie - September 20

Hi Elizabeth, I did have implantation bleeding with my first child- it was to me a very light period and lasted for 3-4 days which i know is unusually long...


kay101 - September 20

I used the cheap internet ones and to rest your mind a little about tests being unreliable, none of my negative tests had evaps. I got a positive one 3 days before af was due, but I wasn't sure if it was positive because it almost looked like an evap! It was really light and I thought maybe I had messed the test up because I was running late for work and tossed it in my pocket. I held it till my break and confirmed with a First Response! :) I think since af is due tomorrow for you, you will be able to get a stronger bfp on them! Good luck! You can come be a June mommy with me since I'm the only one so far!


Elisabeth S - September 21

thanks Kay..I tested this evening with the internet cheapie and it was BFN! It was late at night and very diluted, but i don't know....i guess i believe it? period is still not here...due tomarrow or the next day...don't know what to believe. there are still 2 very disinct bfp's on those other tests....i dont know how to feel



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