Is Diet Coke Bad In Pregnancy

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Cris - April 3

Just wondering if anyone has heard diet coke is bad to drink while pregnant? Thanks.


AshleyB - April 3

I've heard that aritificial sweeteners ARE bad during pregnancy, and also the caffiene of course. This is going to be a tough one for me to give up when that time comes.....I'm addicted to diet 7up and diet coke.


Twinmom2be - April 3

In my opinion, anything (within reason) is okay with moderation. I limit myself to 1 caffeine product a day or less. If you read into everything they said was bad you would be cutting out about 75% of the products out there.


curly - April 3

oh my, im addicted to and sweetner, how bad are they?


Emma2 - April 3

Aspertame is bad! Very bad! I would start using regular sugar and quit the soda whether diet or not. If you can't then I suggest you cut down drastically.


amyn - April 3

check out this site:,1510,4459,00.html (if any dashes remove first)


michelle - April 3

when my sis was preg last year she was getting bad headaches and her doc actually suggested to her to drink as much caffenie as she wanted as that would help her no get them and my nephew will be 7 months on the 17th and he seems just fine. He had some acid reflux when he was born but it went away.


Natasha - April 3

aspartame in diet coke is so bad for your health. it can cause cancer, memory loss etc etc. not to mention the acids and caffeine. I have been addicted to diet coke for about 10 - 12 years and stopped cold turkey 4 weeks ago as I have heard so much and researched on the net about it.


Cris - April 4

Thank you all, I know of tons of preg. women that are addicted to coke when preg. and doesn't harm their babies at all. I just thought there was something about diet coke with the aspartame (sp?) in it which wasn't good for preg. women to drink. I don't drink coke often--never did until preg!! I hated every pop before I got preg. now I like to have one once in awhile when i am sick of drinking juice and water! :) Thanks for all your inputs.


tish - April 4

soda is bad for your stomache anyway. i don't know exactly what it is about soda, but over time it starts to eat at the lining of the stomache. my mom and my grandmother both used to drink dr.pepper and diet coke everyday and both got bleeding ulcers and their doctors, two seperate doctors, said that it was largely attributed to the soda that they drank everyday, along with stress. i have stopped having more that 1 caffinated item per week and only drink 1 or two 20 oz caffine free sodas per week. i've been doing this since october and both for my health and for ttc.



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