Is It Just Ovulation

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UhhOhh - November 1

In the last post I did, I gave some symptoms of bloating, lots of gas and rumbles in my stomach as well as some short sharp pain on either side of my navel and down, and a little bit of nausea when I eat. I was wondering if these feelings were early pregnancy symptons, I received a response that it could be ovualtion and not pregnancy. I've had these feelings for 3 days now. Does ovulation last for 3days? I thought it was only 24 hours. And I normally don't notice when I'm ovulating.


MAC_33 - November 1

how long have you been off bcp?


UhhOhh - November 2

I a__sume by bcp you mean period. I'm new to all of the acronyms. I've been off my period for about a week and a half. it started Oct 16th.


MAC_33 - November 3

BCP stands for birth control pills...I was just wondering becuase if you've been on them and haven't ovulated for a while then those signs could definitely be signs of ovulation. I'm in my 3rd cycle off of birth control and have experienced those same symptoms when I have ovulated. Personally I think that its just my body trying to readjust to the hormone fluctuations so I'm super sensitive to all of the effects. In each cycle I have felt twinges and pinches in my pelvis from a few days before ovulation all the way up until my period finally came. I've also had nausea around the time of ovulation too...I think that this is due to the increased progesterone. Have you been checking your temps? I really find that it helps to know for sure as to whether or not you have ovulated. I bought a basal digital themometer at Wal-mart for just $8.


UhhOhh - November 4

Oooohhhhh! Don't I feel dumb. I've been off of bcps for over a year now. They don't work well with my body. We've switched to just using condoms and this last bd'ing time, the condom broke. Anywho...since i've first posted, I'm still having the short sharp pains and now my belly iches mostly around my navel. Its more like an inward itch. Its a weird feeling. I still have tons of gas, a few sharp pains on the sides of my b___st, mostly my left. I'm freaking out because I know symptoms shouldn't be showing up this quickly. Am I crazy or what?


UhhOhh - November 6

Ok. Here's an update: Still having pain mid to lower abdomen, but it comes and goes. Sharp twinges in bbs, my right hip is sore, my mid to lower back is sore too like I've worked out my back. I find myself wanting to go to bed around 8:30 when I'm usually up until 11:00 or 12:00. I haven't had much cm. Its clear to almost a light yellow color and is thin/runny (TMI, I know). It's usually the opposite for me the closer I get to af. Also, bm are pretty frequent and that is a switch for me too (again TMI, sorry!). Any thoughts? Still thinking ovulation?


UhhOhh - November 8

Ok. Where are you guys? I'm still feeling the same. Except the pain in my admone is lower and I have an aching in my right groin area. My bum hurts all of the time. And now my cm is lotion-like (still not what it usually is) and very present. I feel like my af is going to show NOW, but its not due until late next week.


mjvdec01 - November 8

uhhohh- Hi :) I read the thread and it sounds like maybe you are pregnant. i had symptoms like you are describing with my first pregnancy about a week before AF was due. The exaustion was the most prominent. I was going to bed at 6:30, waking for dinner and then sleeping til 6am the next day. Try to hold off testing until you are late if you can. I'ts not worth the disappointment if you test too early. I am 5dpo today and this is our 3rd month ttc.


UhhOhh - November 8

thanks for your response, mjvdec01.



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