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m17 - April 13

im on a type of birth control pill that makes it so i only have my period every 3 months. lately i been experiencing tenderness and swelling in my br___ts and i got cramps even though im not supposed to get my period for another month. i have been on this pill for almost a year, so could this just be some side effects from the pill or could i be pregnant?


kimberly - April 15

So hard to say for sure. Birth control (bc) can cause wierd period like symptoms because of all the hormones in them. Have you been taking them as prescribed and not taking any other meds with them? Missing pills or taking antibiotics can alter there effectiveness. No bc is 100% so maybe you should take a test just to be sure, if it is negative you can relax.


m17 - April 15

i have been taking my pills pretty much at the same time every morning, and i havent miss one for the past few months... but i have this crampy-like feeling in my stomach and i dont know if it is because i am just so nervous about the situation or what, but i am considering taking a test. they are so expensive so i dont want to, but your right, it might be what i have to do to make sure. thanks!


baby_maybe - April 15

if you have been taking them regularly there is less than a 5 % chance of pregnancy. You can get cramps just randomly through months from hormones and from just bein a woman (i know it sucks) even if you had missed a day or 2 there is only that 5% chance when on birth control, so it's likely you are not pregnant. Don't worry yourself too much about it, good luck!


m17 - April 15

ok, thanks so much! i wasn't sure if it is normal to have cramps even when i don't have my period, so it's good to hear that pregnancy isnt very likely at this point. :)


baby_maybe - April 15

your welcome


kimberly - April 16

Being you have been taking them as prescribed and everything I am sure you are fine, but if you are still in doubt you should test to make sure. Do you have a dollar store near you or a community health center? The dollar store have test for $1 and the health clinics will give free test. The cramping is probably related to the pill and hormones and such.



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