Is It My Mind Or Is It True PLEASE HELP

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Tigger - June 25

My bf and i had s_x it was both our first time... we did it twice that night.. didnt seem to have a hole in the condom.. im not on BC. but then 2 days later i got my period. it was really heavy and clotting.. it was bright red.. then a day after i got off of it he had s_x again.. and he checked and it didnt drip... but then lately im scared that i am. today i woke up scared i was thinking im pregnant. i feel so stressed out and my stomach tightens.. but when im around my friends and family and him.. it goes away... its only when im by myself to i feel like im sick and going to throw up.. tonight i had a lil brown and red spot on my underwear... it may have been there from the time i got my period and it got on there.. but i dont remember. all day i felt like i couldnt eat.. but i was hungry. nothin was filling... and i kept telling myself i was pregnant and i kept stressing myself out! i feel like im going to start my period again b.c. it feels like there is stuff coming out. maybe im REALLY paranoid b.c. i dont want this.. but i dont know. i was hoping REALLY badly that you all could help me! seemed like you all told the truth.. and thats what i need!!! PLEASE HELP ME!


To tigger - June 25

I dont the think the bleeding matches up. Sounds to me like you have nothing to worry about. If you had a light, period or only spotting then you may need to be concerned but since there was clotting and it was heavy I really wouldnt worry. Maybe you should consider going to your local health dept, or looking into ways of getting free BC. I am 22 and I have many friends who has babies way too young and Ive seen how its affected there lives. At least you are being responsible and using condoms, it never hurts to be over cautious though! ;O) I am proud of you for knowing that you need to be careful and that your not ready for a baby. Just keep on mind that as long as you are s_xually active it can always be a consequence ! Good Luck


SS - June 25

Sounds like ur not preg. to me. What ur feeling sounds like anxiety from 'thinking' you are. I would see my doc. or a clinic and get on some sort of birth control. A condom isnt enuf and sooner or later......? Anyway, good luck to you, at least ur responsible.


Tamara - June 25

I agree with the others that it sounds like you're probably not pregnant...but be careful bc you are usually more fertile when young. you should consider birth control an added protection. take care of yourself.



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