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chrissy30753 - September 29

is it possible to know your own body well enough that even though you have neg. at home tests and a neg. blood test but your period isnt due until the 12th of oct. to already know your pregnant? because by my signs and the way i feel.. i can tell something is DIFFERENT... I"m either pregnant or i'm coming due with the flu. i'm tired, dizzy at times, sick to my stomach, bloated, backed up,bubbly feelings like where my uterus is, sore br___ts, back aches,headaches,... is it possible?


Viv - September 29

The earliest I have heard of anyone with symptoms in these forums is on Day17. You are saying (I think) Day15. Time will tell!


Linda - September 30

my last pregnancy i knew THE DAY i concieved... my nipples were KILLING me and i was very sick just a day or so after and till i miscarried 5 months later... of course i have PCOS and that was only my 3rd time ovulating my whole life so i noticed the changes right away... but i could tell a definate difference the day i concieved... i was heavily monitored at the time due to being in a study so they confirmed I was right to feel a difference in just days after i ovulated... my progesteron kept rising till they finally got a positive pregnancy test.... it is the rise in progesteron that give you the "early signs" they told me.. AND never rule out womens intuition :) so good luck hun


Tara - September 30

When i was pregnant i was told that some women know the day they concieved yet some dont know at all until their period stops! Everyone is different. I no that when i was Preg i knew a couple of days b4 my period came as i just felt 'different', infact i felt on top of the world! Good Luck... you never no! xx


chrissy30753 - September 30

thanks everyone... because i know that this sickly feeling isnt made up...i just cant wait until my test is pos... then i will and my husband will feel more complete about... everynight night he says " hello, is there anyone in there?"


chrissy30753 - September 30

oh and talk about being moody!!!! today i swept the floor and then my husband spilled dry cat food on the floor right after i swept..... i looked at he... with tears in my eyes and i said god i'm moody because i just wanna cry.... crying over spilled cat food is that unreal or what.... i remember with my son 10 year and 9 months ago... i cried because burger king forgot to put cheese on my hamburger.... lol... very moody... i will cry at the drop of a



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