Is It Possible I Tested Too Early

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Janserenity - June 21

Hi, everyone. I tested today at 14dpo and cd28 and it was bfn. I normally have 26-28 day cycles. So, my af should be here by tomorrow. I am experiencing some symptoms that I thought could be pregnancy. My bbs are bigger and heavier. This morning while getting dressed for work I noticed blue viens in them. I have af like cramps that feel like pulling or pinching. I have nausea on and off. I am exhausted all the time. I have to take a nap when I get home from work. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone else had symptoms like these and tested bfn and found out later that you were actually pregnant and at what point did you have a bfp?


Jenny - June 21

DId you take a early detection test, if so then af is prob on her way, if not then you may still have a chance. Good Luck!!


Janserenity - June 21 wasnt a early detection. Just a cheapie at K-Mart that said it could detect as early as first day of missed period which is technically on friday. But I am gonna prepare myself for af so that i wont be so disappointed. Thanks for your response and the luck. I will probably need it.


Janserenity - June 21

Hey, ladies, out there.....I could really use your responses....


Rhonda - June 21

Veiny bbs are a sign of pregnancy,and some women dont show positive until they are late for af.I tested at 9dpo and got a bfn,then retested at 11dpo and got a bfp.If af dont show up tomorrow retest.


j. - June 21

great job rhonda! i see u everywhere..i love that you're totally connecting with the ladies in this forum. that's awesome. some get their bfp's and never come back. glad that's not the case for you....and janserenity..rhonda's right some don't show bfp right away. try and retest because ur symptoms do sound pretty promising..


Rhonda - June 21

J,are you stalking me?(lol)dont give me too much credit.Your a good girl J.


Grandpa Viv - June 21

With good signs like that I would keep thinking positive until 21dpo or beyond. Some women do not get a bfp urine until 11 weeks!! How about peeing, emotions, discharge, appet_te, smells, tastes, runny nose, upset gut, Chadwick's sign and Montgomery tubercles? Good luck!


Janserenity - June 21

Thanks everyone for the responses. I appreciate it. As far as other symptoms, I have to pee a lot mostly in the daytime hours. I do have a fair amount of white milky like discharge (sorry, tmi). I am not sure about the chadwick's sign and montgomery tubercules, as I have not checked that. Rhonda.....congrats on your pregnancy....have a happy and healthy one.



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