Is It Possible That I Am Pregnant PLEASE HELP

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Megan - April 23

I hope that you can help me. My boyfriend and I had unprotected s_x on these days: March 9, 10, 16, and 23. On March 19, I got what I think was a period, but it only lasted three to four days and sometimes there was blood on the pad and sometimes there wasn't. What happened was on March 23, him and I had unprotected s_x and my "period" or whatever it was, just completely stopped! I don't know if this is because I am pregnant from March 9 or 10 or that I got pregnant on the 23rd. What do you think? The symptoms I have been feeling lately are a little bit of nausea. I also have to pee a lot and I have been a little bit constipated. My mom even says that I have a "glow". And my nipples have started to be a little sore and they are really itchy! I have also had mood swings for no apparent reason! Please! Could you give me some advice! My mom also says that I just want to be pregnant so bad and that it is "all in my head" and that I am creating these symptoms myself. I did not want to bring this up, but I was pregnant two years ago by my ex-boyfriend (but I had an abortion which I will NEVER do again because I still feel terribly guilty!) and with that pregnancy my period acted the same way! (except I had more nausea!) Sorry this is so long! I just don't know who else I can turn to! Thank you so much!


Megan - April 23

Oh and one more thing, my period is 8 days late! (the one that is supposed to be this month!)


Shelly - April 23

If your period acted the same way last time you were pregnant, then it is very likely you are again. On the other hand, people may say its common, but bleeding in early pregnancy (more than spotting) really isnt too common, so if it was more than just spotting, you could be making symptoms up in your head.


To Shelly - April 23

Yes, you could be right. Last time I was pregnant, my period (or whatever you wanna call it lol) was the same way. Then again, the other idea could be right: the symptoms could just be in my head. But could I make my period 8 days late? Thanks!



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