Is It Possible To Be Pregnant After You Had Your Period

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cheyenne973 - September 28

hi ladies! just curious if you guys could help me out? i came on my period the 11th of september. i noticed my period was a whole lot diffrent from my usual period. i bleed much heavier, it was more slimmier, my period is usually 3 1/2 days and it stopped at that time, the next day i started back bleeding to the 5th day. after i had my period i felt like i was coming on my period again! now i have been having these symptoms for almost 3 weeks now and they are not normal i know for a fact that something is not right about me. i have sore, tender br___t and they are getting bigger! i noticed that my br___t were getting strangly bigger two days before my period and now after they are more sore and getting much bigger. i have neausa, change in scence of smells. food repulse me and make me sick to my stomach and when i eat my food i have this bitter, matallic taste in my mouth and none of my foods taste the same anymore. i get sick when i smell perfume, cologn, some foods, gasoline anything with a strong oder. iam very bloated in my stomach and i swear it feel heavy like iam carrying something in there! it has became uncomfortable for me to lay on my stomach and back at night. my stomach feels alittle hard and tender with real bloatness and i have constant gas all time. my panties are soak and wet and when i go to the bathroom to wipe my discharge is clear and wet. i started taking unsual naps everday and i get really hungry and i cant sleep at night. i even have a taste for butter pecan ice cream! i hate butter pecan icecream! could i be pregnant even though i had the most strangest unusal period?


kay101 - September 28

I would try taking a pregnancy test. If were are indeed pregnant, and it happened before your last period (or if that was implantation bleeding) it would be positive by now.


ash2 - September 29

Usually the things you are describing doesnt happen untill the 6-12 week ( ecspecially the bloatness and hardness of stomach ) .....the above post is right, if you are preggo a positive would show by now.



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