Is It Possible To Get Pregnant 4 6 Days Before Your Period

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wondering - April 18

Is it possible to get pregnant 4-6 days before you expect your period if he c_ms inside of you? Or is ovulation the only time? And can you ovulate a few days before your period or is it usually in the middle of your cycle? He came inside me and my period still hasn't come.


hi - April 18

u got some things confused it seems. Ovulation "generally" comes before your period which is the conclusion of a cycle. (You can ovulate during your period and even after) So its possible for you to be pregnant.


Shelly - April 18

well 'hi', is wrong. you can ONLY ovulate 14 days before your period. The chances of you getting pregnant 4-6 days before your period are extremely slim. The only reason people get pregnant while they are on their period is because the sperm stays alive in their v____a, and they ovulate early (AFTER their period) Id say you arent PG.


Info - April 18

Well, Shelly is wrong. Not everyone ovulates 14 days before their period. The time between ovulation and your period is called the luteal phase. The standard time for the luteal phase IS 14 days. However, many women can have a luteal phase that is between 10 and 14 days long. Other women have a luteal phase less than 10 days which is considered "luteal phase defect". Every women is different. Anything is possible.


wondering - April 19

now i get light pink spotting when I go to the bathroom sometimes. Do you all spot before your periods? Is this normal? My bf and I also had s_x on day 7,8,9, 21 and 22 of my cycle. Now i'm on day 32 when usually my cycle is 26-28 days


C - April 22

How many days do you typically ovulate?


Kristen - April 22

My mon told me when she got pregnant with me that she had s_x one time and it was 5 days before she was suppose to start. The reason she had s_x only one time is because she just had my older brother 5 weeks before.


susan - May 9

you ovulate aproximately 14days after the start of your last period


stacey - May 9

Only really lucky people ovulate 14 days after the start of their period...MOST people don't- that's just a generalization (for lack of better word). I, for instance, ovulate around day 22- but have a long cycle- 36 days.


Grandpa Viv - May 9

The most accurate generalization is that menstruation follows ovulation by 14 days, plus or minus. Stacey follows this rule even with a 36 day cycle. Wondering, it is possible that stress, sickness, or the law of universal cussednes caused your ovulation to be delayed this month. If it was delayed 10 days you may have a problem. You may also have totally failed to ovulate, in which case there will be no period and the other ovary will pick up the game next month. Just be cautious with contraception until you know where you are.


sploge04 - November 18

Hi wondering. I recommend that you take a pregnancy test as soon as possible. The spotting you are having sounds like implantation bleeding, when the egg implants into the uterus, you get this around the time of your period but some people mistake it for a light period & dont actually realise that they are pregnant. Also there is never a 100% safe time to have unprotected s_x without getting pregnant, theres always a slight chance of getting pregnant no matter what day of your cycle you have s_x but you are 'most' fertile in the middle of your cycle when you ovulate. I have positive ovulation tests a day or so just before i come on my period so i think it is possible to ovulate & be at higher risk of getting pregnant just before a period. Do your test & good luck.


nitta - April 8

I have a very complicated question...and i really hope someone can honestly answer it....Me and my bf had s_x on oct. 17, MY PERIOD CAME ON OCTOBER 20th,(stays on for 5 days!)Had s_x with an old friend on OCTOBER 31st! Can someone plz help me figure out who's my baby's dad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


happymedium - June 4

Obviously the father of your baby is the old friend. If you had your period and THEN slept with someone else, it is not your bfs. AF started on the 20th, count 11-14 days which would be 30th-2nd, which would be the time you ovulated. You had s_x two days before you ovulated if you have a 14 day luteal phase. Congrats on your baby boy!


Vanessa1219 - October 21

I have the same question


hoping4bpf - October 22

definitely the friend, no way it is the bf


jermainesbaby - October 31

ok i am soooo curious i have s_x every day been tryin for a while and finally i am two pink lines last night the day my period was due?when did i become pregnant i had an early short period was that implantation? then i got a bad yeast infection?


Grandpa Viv - November 1

Congratulations on the two lines! If your period was due Oct 30th, you would likely have ovulated Oct 16th, and your fertile window was Oct 11-17. A yeast infection can be a sign of pregnancy as the pH in the v____a changes, allowing flora to flourish that was previously suppressed. Spotting a week ago would have been implantation. Don't forget the prenatal vitamins starting right now. The doc will not care if your first appointment is not until you miss a second period. GL!



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