Is It Possible To Get Pregnant 4 6 Days Before Your Period

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alejandra neri - August 1

i have a problem too... i had s_x 4 days before i got my period n had s_x in my 5 day of my period do u think am pregnant


bengals1 - September 13

i have been going through a little problem lately and need some one to talk to OK well me and a girl had s_x on the 17Th maybe 18Th since it was probably pa__sed midnight with no protection dumb me but any way about 7 days later she calls me and says that she was supposed to have her period three days after we had s_x im not sure if this is possible or what from what i read. now this girl is 21 she claims to be mature but she most defintley isn't she has had a thing with strong feelings for me for the past 7 and a half years i don't have those feelings for her but when we try to talk that's all she seems to care about is if me and her will ever have something it hurts to tell her i don't feel that way but seriously that's all she wants to hear but any way she is defintley pregnant because she has taken two pregnancy test that were pos and been to her doctor for blood test and those were also pos. lol this was me kinda just venting but still looking for answers and stuff


Dandy - October 16

I need help.. I had break from my boyfriend during that break I swept with another guy, the guy used a condom and DID NOT c_m about a week later my period arrived on the 22nd of march! Lasted around 5 days I then got back with my boyfriend and had unprotected s_x with him a few times is it possible that my baby's dad is the other guys or am I being silly?


beauty87 - November 5

i had s_x with my bf nov.4,2012... and came on my cycle the next day nov.5,2012 four days early.. could i be pregnant????? or was i already pregnant????


teenaweena - February 26

Hi, actually is not wrong. It's rare but some women like my mother ovulate 23 days out of the month. Also even when you're not ovulating you can get pregnant, its a much slimmer chance but not impossible. ANYTIME you have s_x unprotected there is a chance.


ohohoh - February 26

I have a question. I had my period Jan 29th, and i had s_x with a guy on the 26th of Jan and he did not c_m inside me... i had my period which was 7 days long ending on Feb 4th. I then got back together with my bf and we had unprotected s_x many times from the 5th to the 10th and again on the 15th of Feb. I am pregnant and the digital test I took is reading 2-3 (meaning i concieved 2-3 weeks ago and my doctor will date me at 4-5 weeks pregnant) 2 weeks from yesterday when I did the test would read feb 11th ish, and 3 weeks would read feb 4th ish. Then again I will not know for sure how "far" along I am till an ultrasound and I find out the levels in my blood work. I just need someone else to tell me it is my bf's child and not the other guys. Please do no bash me about this, im stressing so much and I am worried I am going to miscarry again like I did in November.


teenaweena - February 26

Okay well im going to be straight up with you, if you didnt use protection although he didnt come inside of you there is still a chance with prec_m. Now if you had your period generally you shouldnt be pregnant especially since it was 2 days before. BUT sperm lives up to 5 days inside of you, so anywhere within those 5 days it couldve also happened. Now as far as the doctors, they have to guess how far along you are bc theyre not sure of the time frame that the baby was conceived so they say either 2 weeks before or after. Truthfully im thinking its your boyfriends, goodluck !


Grandpa Viv - February 26

Agreed that the boyfriend is the heavy favorite. Three days before your period you are not fertile. Fourteen days after the beginning of your period often marks ovulation, and sperm from the 10th would have been viable then (Feb12th). Due date is around Nov 5th. GL!


ashmarie - March 4

Im sure by now u figured it out that based on the timing it is more likely u had your friends baby instead of your boyfriends


lizzy1990 - March 19

hello, i had s_x the last day of my period, (i started on the 26 of february) and then about 2-3 days later, both times, he finished inside of me, i have to use the restroom a lot. my friend told me that most likely i am not pregnant because i wasnt ovulating, any help? may i or not be pregnant?


Grandpa Viv - March 20

Lizzy, sperm from cycle day 8 can last until ovulation, especially if ovulation is a day or two early. It is now less than a week to your next period and if pregnant you could be experiencing early signs like more peeing, unusual fatigue, weird cramps, appet_te change and others. Plan for a home urine test using first morning ee if your period shows u missing or light. You may have to repeat a week later if still in doubt. Pls come back and tell us how it goes. GL!


8 - March 20

I had s_x with my fiance today twice and he came inside both times. my period usually lasts around 27-28 days. my last period started on march 1st and ended the 5th. according to my calendar im not supposed to be on my fertile days but I checked my cervix and it is high, soft, and open a bit..i could fit my fingertip in. could I get pregnant?


Grandpa Viv - March 21

There are no guarantees, but cycle day 20 out of 28 is past the normal fertile window. You do not decribe the cervix as being wet or having fertile mucus. I think you should be safe.


gwyneth - April 29

i had s_x with my bf last april 20 & 21, my last period starts march 26, my period usually lasts 33-35 days.., can i be pregnant? we had unprotected s_x. now, i experience different pregnancy symptoms and my (puson)was becomes bigger. could i get pregnant? please answer me.. thanks


tasha21scott - April 30

my period ended on the 23rd of march and i had s_x on the 26th and the condom burst before he finished, my period start again on the 31 and finish 8th of april now on the 28 of april i found out i'm pregnant well a home pregnancy test actually so i'm still not sure. I dont know if that was possible but i kept having pregnancy symptoms like head ache, back pain, lower back pain, period cramps and i still haven't seen my period so i'm still waiting for the 6th of may if my period hasn't come then i'm going to the doctor. by the way i just had a baby in february now he'll be 3 months in may. so nita honey i'm not sure who the dad is.


Blondiee - May 8

Is It Possible For Me To Get Pregnant Exactly 7 Days After My Ovulation Day ??



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