Is It Possible To Get Pregnant 4 6 Days Before Your Period

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Grandpa Viv - November 1

Congratulations on the two lines! If your period was due Oct 30th, you would likely have ovulated Oct 16th, and your fertile window was Oct 11-17. A yeast infection can be a sign of pregnancy as the pH in the v____a changes, allowing flora to flourish that was previously suppressed. Spotting a week ago would have been implantation. Don't forget the prenatal vitamins starting right now. The doc will not care if your first appointment is not until you miss a second period. GL!


Antonio - November 13

ok im kinda confused. me and my gf have been trying tohave a baby. we had s_x on monday the 9th and i came inside her but she wasnt ovulating and she is supposed to get her period either today or tomorow my question is could she still be pregnant cuz her dog is acting like it did da last time she was pregnant. sumone plz help i need some answers.


supmama - November 13

monday the ninth, as in, four days ago? and you think she's pregnant because of the way her DOG is acting? let me ask you a question, first. how old are you?


Momof3girls - December 9

I agree with supmama. You have got to be kidding me! You honestly think she got pregnant THAT FAST?! There would be absolutely no way of telling that yet. She has to wait for at least 2 weeks I would say, before a home prego test would even tell that. And sup is also right for asking how old you are. You sound like some young kid who has no clue. Please, dear Hod, tell me she didn't actually end up pregnant by you?


Momof3girls - December 9

Sorry, dear God*


meggylou - January 16

i had unprotected s_x on the 13th december then had a period on the 18th could i still be pregnant coz i am now a day late for my next period


miby - August 5

Me and my bf had s_x about 7 days before my period, he came inside me on jul 27 & 28 and now today agust 4, i am having my period? ive been wondering if im pregnant or not because the bleeding i am having now is really light and its not like my usual period.... could i be pregnant?


UnknownMsia - December 5

Is it possible for me to get pregnant by having s_x around 1 week before my period is due?


Grandpa Viv - December 5

One week before your period is should be one week after ovulation, and the egg is only good for a day. If you turn out to be pregnant it is either because you were fooling around at ovulation time and got some s____n in you, or because your cycle was delayed this month for some reason. Do you have any reason to think youe are pregnant?


UnknownMsia - December 6

The only reason im worried is because i am like 18 so yeah. Thats the only reason im worrying. So it is not possible for me to get pregnant?


iKaayCee - January 16

i was woundering. my boyfriend and i had s_x this morning and yesterday evening. i thought i was done my period but it was soo short and light i didnt know if it was (it started on the 12 of jan last one was dec 5). anyways we used a condom and he came in the condom then we kept going when he took it off. and i had a dream right after we had s_x and it was about a positive pregnancy test. and it was very clear. it was with him what does that mean?


Grandpa Viv - January 16

Your contraceptive practice is not very good. A short, light period makes one wonder if you got pregnant from s_x around New Year. Do you have any other signs like fatigue, more frequent peeing, lotion discharge, b___st or nip signs, emotions, smells, appet_te, vivid dreams (yes), lightheaded moments, upset gut, hot flashes, stuffy nose, backache or other PMS type signs that are unusual in timing, type or intensity? If so, take a test first morning pee any day soon. GL!


iKaayCee - January 17

my b___sts were extreamly tender for about a week and a half so sore it almost felt like i couldnt even touch them. im very tired through out the day, hot flashes near the night time mostly, back aches. so even though i did a few hpt (3) all negative. but since that dream i had should i do another one?


Brandy19 - January 17

Me and my boyfriend have been trying for a baby for a year but are failing. I had concieved once in August but had a miscarriage in September. I just had a 2 day period a week early that was a normal flow but a little lighter then usual. It started out with spotting that was pinkish and got heavier and bright red and ended on the second day. My period usually lasts 4 to 5 days. Could i be pregnant?


Brandy19 - January 17

Same with me iKaayCee my b___sts have been kind of sore, I have had very vivid dreams, once or twice about being pregnant, I have bad back achs, hot flashes at night, very tired all the time, and always hungry, I have taken PT and all negative.


Grandpa Viv - January 17

Brandy and KayCee, sometimes the pregnancy hormone takea a while to build up to testing levels. It is not uncommon to get negative tests until 2 weeks after your regular period should have come. Test every few days using first morning urined. GL!



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