Is It Possible To Get Pregnant 4 6 Days Before Your Period

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Grandpa Viv - January 17

Brandy and KayCee, sometimes the pregnancy hormone takea a while to build up to testing levels. It is not uncommon to get negative tests until 2 weeks after your regular period should have come. Test every few days using first morning urined. GL!


iKaayCee - January 18

i got what i think might be my period but was really light and its small brown blood


Grandpa Viv - January 18

If you do not get a proper period on schedule, test weekly using first morning pee until you miss a second normal period, then call the doctor anyway to see if something else is amiss. GL!


bonita1029 - March 19

SOMEONE PLEASE ANSWER! i am supposed to get my cycle between the 19th-21st of each month. i had unprotected s_x (and he came inside) on the 15th of this month. yesterday on the 18th i began to spot. first it was pinkish, by the afternoon it was brownish, etc. last night/this morning it was fresh blood, a heavy (norm) cycle! is it possible for me to be prego? also, is it possible to experience implantation bleeding before menstruation, considering the fact that my times were so close? PLEASE HELP!


Grandpa Viv - March 20

You are not listing any early pregnancy signs. If menstruation is expected the 20th of the month, your fertile window is the first seven days of that month. The 15th would be low risk. Buy some condoms of your own and make sure they get properly stored and used. GL!


christinaray12 - March 22

hi wondering If you have a 28-day cycle, for example, then you''ll usually ovulate on the 14th day, counting the first day of your period as the first day of your cycle.


Grandpa Viv - March 22

Christina, you are correct. Remember that sperm can lie in wait for as much as five days, but the egg lasts only one day. On a 28 day cycle the fertile window is said to be days 8 through 16. Some women ovulate as early as cycle day 10. You can determine your day by following signs of ovulation - fertile mucus in the days preceding, cervix high and open, increased libido, and a jump in basal body temperature if you care to go to that much trouble. GL!


maria78 - April 10

i have a Q: i had s_x on the 8 of march and my period came down on the 17th,it lasted 5 days like always,,my next period is for the 12-14 of april,but on the 8 i started a stain and i though i was going to get my period but to day is the 10 and still i dont have it,,im waiting on the 12 to see,do i have a promble????


maria78 - April 10

i would like to know if there is a chance i could get pregnant 9 days before my period???(he didnt come in side me)


Grandpa Viv - April 11

If your cycle is regular, you are not likely to get pregnant 9 days before menstruation begins. This is confirmed by a normal period on schedule on the 17th. Did you have any exposure to s_x at all in the present cycle, especially the last week of March? I don't think you have a problem - you don't even have any early pregnancy signs to brag on. Take a home preg test to be sure if your period does not show by next weekend. GL!


dls2306 - April 12

I had s_x with my husband in the last week of march my period is supposed to come the 22nd or so of April. since then I have had a yeast infection, some cramping on my left side of ovary my b___bs are sore feeling a little bigger, and have had light headaches that come and go. I have also been peeing a lot more than usual. like I peed 3 times in a span of 15 mins it was like I drank 2 bottles of water or something. I have been more ga__sy than usual and have had a sour stomach. I dont want to read too much into this but one thing I cant ignore is the sore b___bs. could I be pregnant? and if so when should I test?


msrice_4 - April 13

My husband and I are trying to have our first baby and wekve been trying for over a year! Problem is, is that he travels everywhere for work 90% of the year. We finally met each other last thurs at 1 a.m and had s_x and again on sat night at 3a.m. I now have started my period today which is wed (4-6 days after s_x) and I'm on time exactly. Did we miss our chance again?? We are beginning to think one of us are infertile.


Grandpa Viv - April 14

dls, if I read your dates right, your s_x was at the tail end of your last menstruation. Sperm would not likely have survived until theoretical ovulation April 8th, but some women ovulate as early as CD10. I guess on April 4th sperm might still have been around from March 31. If that is the scenario, it might be possible to get a positive test as early as next Monday, using first morning pee dip method. You might better plan to buy at least two tests and use them at one week intervals. GL! msrice, you need to have s_x two weeks plus a little before your expected period if you want to get pregnant. You can tell when you ovulate using several signs - fertile stretchy mucus, clean finger check of cervix (soft, high, open, wet), increased libido, ovulation cramp, and if necessary temperature charting. Best of luck!


msrice_4 - April 14

I know when the best time is but it's kind of hard when my husband travels all the time. Just didn't know if at all possible getting pregnant 4-6 days before my period. We have to every chance we get and he's off all of december and we didn't have any luck. Probably need to get it injected from a doctor if it keeps going at this rate! Haha


Grandpa Viv - April 15

msrice, the good fertile window is cycle days 10 thru 14 of 28. You are not going to get pregnant from s_x in the week before your period. If your husband's schedule invariably has him absent during your fertile window, a doctor can probably help you delay your cycle by ten days. Alternatively, you can wait until a gradual shift in his schedule or your cycle puts him at home at the right time. Finally, you could go to the considerable expense of s____n preservation and artificial insemination. GL!


msrice_4 - May 1

My husband came home from work last wkd! He finally came home when I was fertile!! So I started my period on april 13 and ended 17th. My cycle is 28 days and ovulation calendar said little fertile 23rd and very fertile 25th and we had s_x those days. Ovulation started the 25th so today is May 1st and I a__sume I'm 6dpo? Is this right? And I can test on May 6th?? I hope I am pregnant! I go to see him the 7th and want to bring him good news! Oh! And tues (day after ovulation) I had a white,oderless, creamy discharge this day. Is that a good sign? I've had cramping on my left side and twitching on the same side



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