Is It Possible To Get Pregnant 4 6 Days Before Your Period

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msrice_4 - May 1

My husband came home from work last wkd! He finally came home when I was fertile!! So I started my period on april 13 and ended 17th. My cycle is 28 days and ovulation calendar said little fertile 23rd and very fertile 25th and we had s_x those days. Ovulation started the 25th so today is May 1st and I a__sume I'm 6dpo? Is this right? And I can test on May 6th?? I hope I am pregnant! I go to see him the 7th and want to bring him good news! Oh! And tues (day after ovulation) I had a white,oderless, creamy discharge this day. Is that a good sign? I've had cramping on my left side and twitching on the same side


Giggles1782 - June 22

We had unprotected s_x June 21st and I am nervous that I might be pregnant. I really do not understant how the ovulation calendar and my cycle calendar should be, so not sure if I was ovulating. So far I had my period Jan 25-29, Feb 26-March 2nd, March 29-April 3, forgot to write down April, and May 30- June 3rd. If there is a possibility should I look to a missed period next week or is it to early for me to miss my period? Thanks.


Lexx1224 - June 26

I had unprotected s_x (he pulled out) on April 15, I got my period April 20. It seemed normal. Then I had unprotected s_x again May 7 and found out I was pregnant May 21st. Would I have been pregnant my first or second time having s_x?


Grandpa Viv - June 27

Lexx, it would have been the second time. Do you normally have a 31 day cycle? Your due date should be about Feb 1st. GL!


anne_148 - July 2

hiyya everyone ok so i was on the pop pill for 3 months soamunsurof my cycle full stop i was put on antibiotics so wasnt taking my pill for a full week i came on the day after i stoped my pill but im unsure if it was a true period i had unprotected s_x on last saturday the last day of my period on the tuesday i had brown spotting and since wed iv felt very sick carnt eat have no appert_te, had ma__sive head ache on the wed and rel bad back on the wed can i be pg :s


Grandpa Viv - July 2

Pregnancy is possible but not likely. It could be that stopping the pill has given you some side effects. Take a home preg test July 9th to be sure. GL!


Ca__siz - August 18

Hi. I am very confused. I just had my son on April 20, 2011. my period returned in June on the 11th, and again in July, on the 11th. I was out of town for a month and returned home to my husband on August 9th. We had s_x that night and he came inside of me. I have since not had a period.Is it possible for me to have gotten pregnant 2 days before my period was due? I am very confused....


Kell123 - September 1

Grandpa- you seem to have good answers. Can you answer mine please. me and my husband have been trying for 3 months my last period was on the 1st august the same as usual 2 heavy days and 2 days light then off and the day before I usually come on I get bad period pains ect (I know I'm going to have my period! I'm usually 28 - 30 day cycle. well on Saturday morning I was shocked to see blood when I went to the loo I thought I have started my period but did not feel nothing No sighns, I was bleeding that day not really heavy but enough to wear a pad then suddenly that evening stopped I had nothing all night the next day sun mon tues Wednesday just had a small amount off brown when I wipe not even enough to wear a panty line, i took a preg test yesterday negative, today i have had nothing do you think I could be pregnant???? Thanks


mahubler - September 14

ok.kinda of an odd question. I had unprotected s_x with my ex on feb 6. had my period on the 10th and do not recall having s_x till a month after. but i am due on november 17th putting my date of cenception a week after my period on february 23.. is it possible that i was already pregnant?


b__terflys_xy1 - September 26

My period schedules since May May 15-May 20 June 22-June 28 July 29- Aug. 4 Sept. 21-Sep.25 On Aug. 6, My boyfriend put his p___s inside the v____a's entrance, but pulled it out because we changed our minds about having s_x. On Aug. 16 I spotted brown (just that one day). Then my boyfriend and I had s_x on Sept. 15 (he pulled out). Sept. 21 I got my period. From Sept. 16 until today, I have been cramping, have had lower back pain, some head aches, change in appet_te, and have been very tired, and have experienced mood swings. Is it possible I could be pregnant? ( I have gained some weight). If so, from which occasion may I be pregnant? I tested using urine home pregnancy tests Late August, and also Sept. 17, and they have come out negative. The last one I took in Sept. 17, the line showed up negatively howerver it wasn't the usual red color outlining the line, but yellowish. When would it be good to take a blood pregnancy test?


Grandpa Viv - September 26

mahubler, a first trimester ultrasound should date the prgnancy accurate to a few days, meaning you likely got pregnant from s_x around Feb 20 thru 24th.


Pleasepreg - September 28

b___terflys_xy1, it looks like you have a 37/38-day cycle, which means you ovulate around day 19. Your next 'period' was only 23 days later, which would be extremely odd, and it only lasted 4 days, compared to the usual 5/6. If you are pregnant, it will have been the 15th Sept as you will have ovulated 17th Sept. 6th Aug will have been far too early to catch your ovulation day. You are testing way too early as it takes approx. 8-12 days for the egg to implant and then another 4 (give or take) to produce enough HCG to show a pos result. You should test around 2 weeks after ov, which will be 1st Oct (although I got my pos result 10 DPO). Hope that helped.


b__terflys_xy1 - September 30

Pleasepreg, Thanks. What's even weird about me right now are my mood swings. I'm having high and maybe unrealistic expectations for my boyfriend. And my emotions are on a roller coaster lately. So we'll see in October. I will post updates. Thanks


feelinghopeful - October 5

Hi everyone! I'm new to this site and would like to get some help? I am 25 and am birth control (Alesse). I missed my pills on the third week of my cycle on Sept 23 and 24. It was my husband and I's anniversary so we had made love those two days. I doubled on pills on the 25, and threw out the pack and started a new one on the 26th. On the 29th I started bleeding but it was a very strange period, brown and spotty and much lighter than normal. I still have a little bit now on Oct 5. Could this be implantation bleeding? Also the last few days I have been feeling a little itchy and burning (seems like a yeast infection to me). I took a pregnancy test this morning and it was negative but was it too soon to be taking it? thanks so much and Baby dust!


feelinghopeful - October 5

oh sorry I forgot to add. I am still on the pills now! I found it strange that normally I stop taking pills on a Wednesday and get a period on a saturday but this time I missed the pills on a friday and got bleeding the following Friday! my AF was due on the 30th so I only started bleeding a day early. Is it still possible I'm pregnant? I'd be delighted if I am pregnant! Any advice would be helpful.


kylienmiguel - November 9

I have a question....In sept I had my period Sept. 10th and Oct. 8th. (28 days between)....I had s_x with my husband on Oct. 23rd and he pulled out and then on Oct. 30th and he came inside of me....I have not yet got a period this month and based on my period tracker app on my phone i should have already got my period based on my 28 day inbetween......could I be pregnant?? I am feeling very icky....nausea...tired...yuck



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