Is It Possible To Get Pregnat By Oral Sex

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Caterrenea Tolson - April 23

Is it possible to get pregnat by giving oral s_x? If you can't then why do I have all the pregnacy signs? The signs I have are br___ttenderness for about 4 months know, sleeping alot, food cravings and taste changes,stomach getting bigger,mood swings really bad, more gasy know even though I had the same foods before,lightheadness, and every thing else from the pregnacy video that I looked at from the library and I am only 14.


To Cat - April 23

Ther is no way of getting pg from oral s_x...The only way is by intercourse.


To Cat - April 23

If you need to ask a question like that maybe you should not be having any kind of s_x...14 is still to young to be s_xually active. I don't really want to b judgemental but if you don't wanna be then practice safe s_x. There are many women here on the site that wanna be and are really getting frustrated that they are not yet there. Please don't do it unless you are ready to face circ_mstance.


for caterrenea - April 23

no way unless sperm came into contact with your v____a!!


CaNdY - April 23

Girl before you try to even become s_xually active but from the sounds of it you dont know how it works you should learn how do wash your underwear =)


star* - April 23

aint gettin ya CaNdY? :op!!


Just wondering - April 23

no, only if you have s_x


jen - April 23

Honey, no you cannot get pregnant from oral s_x. But I would go to your doctor or local planned parenthood if you are uncomfortable going to your doctor. It is confidential and they will explain everything to you and if you want you can be put on birth control. I am not going to judge you b/c you are only 14 but please be careful!


Grandpa Viv - April 23

You would have to get a mouthful, carefully transfer it with a kiss, then have him go down on you. If this happens, the Guiness Book of Records will want to know about it, and I would like the story at We had a similar question a couple of months ago. If you really are pregnant, I would guess it happened some other way. Take a test!


shaz - April 25

if u had c_m on ur hands or he did and touched u down below it is possible


Amber - April 25

No You cannot get pregnant from oral s_x at all. You can only get pregnant if you have it possible you had s_x about 4 months ago?



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