Is It Possible To Get Your Period In The First Month Of Pg

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Bianca - November 8

I've been having symptoms like headaches, nausea/vomiting off and on, i'm always hungry, really tired, and i've been having really light cramping as though about to start my period. but...i had my period last week. it was different though....all dark brown - not the normal red flow. i'm still having some brown spotting today too. is it possible? or all in my head?


Casey - November 8

hey, i had something similer, im waitin on doctors blood test to see if im pg, but last month i got what looked like my period for 4 day i usually get it for 6 day it was a day early, and the blood was much darker and it was very light, i only used like 2 pads in a day it was that light, so yeah it is possible to have ur period and be pg, i will let u no wen the tests come bk, i have also read that u can have ur period all through ur pregnancy and still have a healthy baby... baby dust


Bianca - November 8

CASEY - thanks for responding....its good to hear that someone else is in a similar situation. Hope everything goes well for you and you get the results you're hoping for! Keep me posted!


CASEY - November 8

no problem, i shall keep u posted, i should hear from the doctors today, i do want a baby but i also have other thing i want to do before i have a baby so either way its ok... :)


Bianca - November 8

I'm in the same boat. I'm only 18...but my bf and i have been together for 2 years and both would be happy if it turns out that i am. i wouldnt be too dissapointed if im not though, because i still have things i'd like to do before motherhood.


Casey - November 8

yeah im only 16 and well its not like we planned it but if i am its not the end of the world, me and my bf have been together for bout 1 yr now, heres my email if u want to talk more [email protected]


Bianca - November 8

If you do find out that you're pg - how are you going to tell your parents? That's pretty much the biggest concern i have about the whole thing. it sucks because my bf and i would be really happy about it...but then we remember that we'll have to tell my parents and it puts a damper on things. i dont think my parents would be happy about it at all. they're really traditional....


CASEY - November 8

yeah my parents wouldnt like it buti dont believe in aportion and im never gonna put it up for adoption, so yeah looks like if i am pg then im keeping it... ill just tell my parents what happened that it was an acident and they will just have to except it. lol


tj - November 8

Possible, but NOT common.


a - November 8

question.. Why are teens having unprotected s_x, pure ignorance if you ask me, you're wide open for std's, hiv, pregnancy etc. How is a teenager gonna have the skills needed to raise a child. Common stop being so ignorant..


to a - November 8

i think u r one of those people that just jugde people cos u can, u dont no our situation so untill u do stay out of it unless u have some advice that will help, i understand were ur coming from but seriously please dont judge people its not nice, and also i never said i had unprotected s_x... which i didnt, so before u come on this wed site again please remember its for advice not judging.


a - November 8

I'm not judging, I'm observing, I was your age and I was stupid doing what I did, I just don't want to see the children of our future make the same mistakes as we did growing up.. I'm sorry if I offended you, I guess its because its so close to my heart. Please if you aren't pregnant, go on the pill, it will save you a lot of heartache.. Trust me you want to live a little, you're to young to have to care for another human being while you're learning to care for yourself. all the best.


Brit - November 8

Yes, but it shouldn't be like a normail period (lighter) however, in some rare cases you can have a normal period all 9 months.


CAsey - November 8

i went doctors today and im not pregnant....


Bianca - November 9

CASEY....i'm sorry to hear that, i hope you're okay. I took an hpt today and it came out positive!! Wow, i can't believe it! im excited...also a little surprised, its weird that i had a "period" but am still having a little trouble believing the results so i have a doctors appt in 2 days. i'll see what she says.


Jen - November 9

Bianca, let us know what your doctor says about having your period. Bood luck and congrats!!!


Amy - November 9

Hello, firstly, Bianca CONGRATULATIONS! I know i haven't spoken to you before, but it's nice to hear that you are! I've also had a wierd 'period' this month! It started off brown, just spotting, then watery and red, then brown again! Only lasted 3 days! It's nice to know i'm not the only one! How soon do you think i could do a test? This started on Friday, finished on Sunday?



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