Is It Possible To Have A Period And Be Pg

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Lynn - November 19

I have heard it is possible to have your period and still be pregnant. I got my period two days ago and stopped worrying about being pg but now I'm starting to wonder again, I haven't been feeling normal still. My stomach feels very hard and has gotten bigger. I thought it was just blotted but it feels harder than normal. Should I go to the doctor ? Take a home pg test? HELP!


Lynn - November 19

Please someone, I need some advice!


Leah - November 19

Hi Lynn! Yes it's very possible. As I have been reading on this forum because I was wondering the same thing, alot of women wrote in saying that they even had their period up to the fifth month. I just had my period on Sunday but it only lasted about three days and then it stopped and now barely a little pink and I'm still feeling tugging in my uterus. So I'm right there with you!!! I guess we could take a home preg. test and put it at rest, but then I also read if your still having your period there isn't enough HCG levels to even give a positive test!! So no win situation. One girl told me to go the the pregnancy tests link on this site and they have very sensitive tests that can detect all the way down to 20 where home tests don't detect until 100. Good luck!!!


Lynn - November 19

Leah, are you feeling any other signs of pregnancy right now? My b___sts seem a lot bigger/heavier than ever but they stopped hurting. I have felt sooo tired. It's pretty scary that you might not know you are pg for a couple of months after. are you going to take a home pg test soon? I think I might Saturday and then again a week later just to check.


Steph - November 19

I am in the same boat as you two -- I got my period on the 6th of the month, but am still thinking that I may be pregnant. I have taken at home tests and all of them have been negative. At this point I would really like to be pregnant. I just weighed myself the otehr day and I have gained about 5-7 pounds over the last 3 months, so it woudl really suck if i wasnt pregnant. I am contacting my doctor today and am going to go in and get a quant_tative blood test to put my mind at ease about the whole thing -- any new developments with you two? Keep me posted! Pray for me and I will for you -- hope everything turns out as you would want it to! :)


Steph - November 19

Let me know what happens with that test, I have thought about just going in to get that test from the doctor but I'm going to wait a week or so. I'll let you know what happens. I'm praying for you! good luck


Lynn - November 19

Sorry Steph, i addressed that last post wrong, guess my mind is somewhere else, i meant to put your name in this part sorry!


Steph - November 19

I will let you know -- I havent heard back from the dr office so I am yet to make the appt, but hopefully soon!!! :) Thanks for the prayers! Have a good day! :)


m - November 19

I know a lady who had periods the first 4 months, therefore had no idea she was pregnant until she was 20 weeks! She is about 42, so she thought the changes she was going through were part of menopause, then to her surprise she found out she was having a baby girl in the same week she found out she was pregnant! The body can be a strange thing. Good luck ladies. PS - I saw somewhere on here that the Dollar Store tests are really sensitive. One girl said they are just like some ones she had ordered from a company in Canada (if I understood her correctly).


Steph - November 20

Thank you for your response! I will have to check out the dollar store.... isn't that funny that the cheapest tests could be the most effective? wierd :) I am going to try my best the contact my doctor today and get an appt for a blood test. Good luck ladies...any new developments with anyone?


b - November 20



TerraLyn - November 26

Yes, it wouldn't hurt anything to go to the doctor. That way you would know what you are dealing with. How old are you?


Bibine - November 27

Hi all, I here about woman have period during pregnency, but is litely to see that.


Steph - November 29

Just to keep you all updated, I went to the doctor on Tuesday hoping to get a blood test, but they wouldn't test unless I was two to three weeks late for my period. Problem -- I had my period, which was my very concern. So I just took a urine test and once again, negative. If my period really was my period then I should be getting it again towards the end of this week so I guess I will just wait and see what happens. I am just sick of not knowing for sure, but at this point I am just not going to worry about it any longer until something else weird happens. Hope everyone else is doing okay. Let me know if anyone has found anything out! :) Thanks for all the help and support


Alyson - November 29

Yes you should go to your family doctor. Tell your doctor your symptoms.And take a pregnancy test.


Steph - November 29

Just to keep you all posted. I went to the doctor and asked to have a blood test taken, but they would not do one unless I have missed my period for two or three weeks. So they did a urine test and just like the others it too came out neg. I am not sure what to think, but if my period last month was in fact my normal period then I should be getting it again here in about a week or so, so I am just going to wait and see what happens. Any new news with anyone else?


Steph - November 29

sorry i posted the same info twice... oops :)



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