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Loulou - January 14

hi all, well , i have a lot going on in my mind ast the moment and i found this place is great.People don't judge and are quite supportive. I know this question has been asked times and times again, but i'd really want to know if it's really possible to bleed while pregnant and still have BFN's . I know it sounds crazy, but since i had 2 very short periods , one lasted 1 day 1/2 and the other cycle,2 days 1/2, which has never ever happened to me, my periods always last 5 days, and i never spot pink or brown , which i did the 1st last cycle. I wouldn't worry after all my BFN's if my belly wasn't growing. I am tall and very slim by nature, i always had a flat tommy and always made sure i did. But in the past 2mths my belly has increased. I look like i'm 3 mths preg. I thought i was putting on weight, but i'm still slim, except that i don't fit my pants around my waist anymore. PPl are congratulating me , and say that my body looks diferent, not like when iusually put on weight. I can even feel " bubbles " or "popcorn "like sensation in my lower abdomen frm time to time, & i am exausted all the time and eat a lot.I try not to think about it so my mind wouldn't play tricks on me , but i really feel preg, and i'm thinking it may be twins that's why i'm alredy showing. ( i showed only around 5/6 mths for my 2 previous preg. ) I heard some amazing stories about w/m being preg. but not showing on the urine tests and getting short periods the 1st few mths. I would really appreciate it if it hs happened to any of u and if u didn't mind sharing ur stories ! Thank u so much !


Liane - January 15

Hi. 2 things come to mind: The first is that, yes, you might be pregnant. Some women do bleed during the first trimester. The second is not really what anyone wants to hear, and that it might be a cyst or tumor. In many cases certain cysts and tumors have been known to mime pregnancy symptoms and actually cause a change or absence in periods, and even growth in the abdomen. Cysts also grow quickly, so it is a possible explanation as to why you seem to be "showing" more than now than you did in your earlier pregnancies. Now, that's just a slight possibility, so don't let that scare you. I would take a home preg test again, and regardless of the results, see the doctor and talk about what you are experiencing (especially if you have been trying to get pregnant). God luck to you and many blessings!


Loulou - January 15

Hi Liane, Thank you so much for ur input. This confirmed what i already thought. I was thinking i may have cyst(s) in my ovaries as well as being pregnant( or both), that's why i took the bull by the horns and called the doc. i'll go on monday. As for the "bubbles/popcorn " sensation in my lower belly, it's still a mystery. We'll see what will the doc. say ! Anyway, thank u again for ur advice and good luck to u and many blessings to u too . I'l keep my story updated,so it might help others in my situation .



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