Is It Still Possible

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emily - March 23

I bd´d on mar 15th and ovulated on mar 19th. I assumed it wouldn´t be possible to get pregnant but is there still a chance?? I´ve been told that sperm can live 5 days but from this forum it always says only 3 (72 hours) What do you think?? Any input would be appriciated.


Mary - March 23

You could have ovulated earlier, too - so the way I see it, yes, there is a change. GL :)


emily - March 23

I don´t think so as my temps went up on sunday. Oh well!!!


bump - March 23



emily - March 23

Sorry to insist but could I have some more input. Please help. I´m just so frusrated!


Baby Duster!* - March 23

I know it's frustrating hun but even if some people say yes you could be and some say no not likely, these things are just so unpredictable you're not going to know until you get to your AF due date and can take a test! I think even amongst medical professionals there is a variety of opinions on how long sperm live for. I think the human body is too complicated to say sperm always live for x amount of days. I would think of this month as a "not so sure" month so as not to get your hopes up too much. (just think if you are preg it will that much more of a lovely surprise!) and if you're not, well you've been preparing yourself for that outcome. ***Baby Dust ***


emily - March 23

Hey thanks for your honesty. I only have 6 days to wait now!!!


La Rae - March 23

Hey....I understand your agony, I really do. I am still keeping track of my O days even though at the moment, I am not ttc. I'll tell you this much: According to - I should ovulate this coming Saturday - and that it should START for me as of today. I have had pre-O cm for three days now - so if I had to bet, I'd say that my O day is tomorrow - NOT Saturday. So with that said....I think that there IS a chance you could have O'd earlier than the 19th. PG signs can occur as early as 2 days after conception. The most common one that shows up the soonest is 'Fatigue'. 2nd most common? Breast changes (in how they feel). Anything like that going on for you yet? I don't wanna get your hopes up - but I still think that you might have made that 'window of opportunity'. My fingers are crossed for ya'. Baby Dust!


emily - March 23

The only ´signs` i have right now are LOTS of milky cm and cramps. I thought I saw blue veins on my nips but I think that one is just me!!! Thanks



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