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sarah - August 3

after having s_x with my husband ive noticed that the sperm seems to come back out. is this normal? im trying to get pregnant but everytime my husband ejackulates inside me it comes back out when i move or cough or something. sometime i try and keep it in till the morning but when i wake up and move it comes out then and doesnt seem to go through my cervix. this month during ovulation i tried putting my finger up and trying to push some of the sperm though and im not sure if thats worked or not yet. im seriously tempted to get a turkey baster lol and try it that way but im not going to. is it normal for it to come back out? or am i doing something wrong? is there anything i can do to make it go through my cervix? please help me


sarah - August 3

does it happen to anybody else? please please reply


April k - August 3



jue - August 3

hi sarah, I have the same thing happen to me every time, I place a pillow under my hips for 1/2 an hour after s_x and it seems to have worked as I got a BFP on a hpt. it only takes 1 to get through lol. good luck


Katie - August 3

the same thing happens to me and I have not gotten pregnant yet I dont think so anyway. I hope there is something that I can do to help keep it in there.


sarah - August 3

well done jue im happy for you. ive also tried doing that. once i left a pillow underneath me all night but it still came out in the morning. i know it only takes 1 to get through but it seems like even that 1 dies. is there any techniques that you can do to make sure that most or all of the sperm goes through?


Mica - August 3

Actually it's the s____n ,not the sperm, that is coming out. Remember the s____n is the liquid that transports the little swimmers. There may be some sperm that spills out in the s____n, but most likely these are defective ones that don't swim well anyway. Don't worry you don't need to encourage them with your finger. If you are ovulating you have fertile CM and that's all they need, besides they are determined little swimmers. They can even live in you fertile CM for at least a couple of days for you to ovulate, so that they can get to that egg. And yes, once only one gets there, the rest are repelled. It is a good idea to elevate your hips on pillows afterward for gravity, but that's all. best to you!


sarah - August 3

thanks mica, ive been trying now for almost 15 months. everytime me and my husband bd it ALL seems to come back out. this month though i havent had any ovulation signs and my af is due in 5 days. does this mean that i havent ovulated or that my egg has been fertilised as it came down the fallopean tube? that has just happened to someone on this site. they didnt have any signs either. im hoping that this month is that month that i can finally have my baby. if this month isnt the month then i really need to start trying different things and techniques. got any advice?


bump - August 3

bump, i would like to know more aswell


bump - August 4

will somebody else say something about how to make sperm go thru the cervix PLEASE???? god its like waiting for jesus to come back from the dead!!!!


bump again n again - August 4

yoooo hooooo where are you ppl??????


sarah - August 4

hey just came back to check if there is any more information but theres none. please post some info if you have any. ive read that thread HELP OTHER PEOPLE or something and it seems as though im being ignored aswell. please respond


faith - August 4

sweeti no ones ignoring ..i myself haven't answered cause i don't know the answer plus alot of ppl have answered already but i'll try to help you out .someone else posted about what you were sayin and ppl said that sperm probably are gettin up there and some just comes out ..but there are like billions of sperm in like one shot so i think you probably got somethin up there.or you can try the pillow idea or just wait awhile before you get up.hope i helped or atleast made you feel like your not bein ignored.good luck.


faith - August 4

sorry didn't read your last post so in response to that...maybe you guys should go the doctor and make sure everything is workin ok or use ovulatione test to pin ponit ovulation.and also there was a woman on here who had no ovualtion signs and truned out pregnant.i too didn't have any signs and now i'm 6 days late about to take a test today.


sarah - August 4

thank you faith. i hope im late like you cause that is the best pregnancy symptom you can get!! im due on the 8th and so far i have no af signs. ive had no ovulation signs either so i defo hope im like you lol. ive tried all the techniques i can think of including sleeping in one position to try and keep the sperm in but it just comes out in the morning. will you let me know if your pregnant or not when you take a test? that would be a real inspiration to me if you were. also when are you taking a test?


sarah - August 4

sorry didnt see the im taking a test today part. are you taking it soon? i think you should take it now lol. i think that you are preggo if your 6 days late. are you normally late?


faith - August 4

no not at all .i may be like a day late but never ever 6 days.but i'm gonna go get a test now.



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