Is It The Real Thing

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quietlilrachel - February 26

so, i ovulated almost two weeks ago, but because my periods are so irregular, i'm not supposed to start until the ninth of march. but i had very light blood on the toilet paper a week ago...that's never happened before, and now my br___ts are really sore. does anyone think this could be real?


LIN - February 26

What you're feeling is obviously real, but whether or not it's related to pregnancy is impossible for any of us to say. There are many different causes for mid-cycle bleeding, and tender b___sts are a sign of both pregnancy and pms and could be either. If you're two weeks past ovulation, then a pregnancy test should be accurate now. Take one!


izechsmama - February 26

Lin is right... i usually have light bleeding right before AF comes and in your case its hard to tell because if you ovulated two weeks ago you would be about due for AF because of the luteal phase... i would test or wait a few days to see if AF starts... Good luck!!!


quietlilrachel - March 9

Well, it's march ninth...but so far no period....i keep having cramping like i'm gonna start, but i also have all the signs of pregnancy: sore b___sts, mood swings, crying for no reason, dizziness, nasty taste in my mouth, sick to my stomach...etc. i'm still gonna wait a couple of days though, just in case.


alicia1 - March 9

If AF is a no-show still tomorrow, then go for it! I wouldn't have even waited this long. Get a couple of HPTs and in case of a BFN, test twice a wk for a couple of wks (or until AF). Keep us posted n GOOD LUCK!!


quietlilrachel - March 9

ya, so far, it's a no show. i feel like i could start anytime. sometimes i am cramping like i'm already on it. other times i just feel weird...and i don't even have any of my normal spotting yet. but i've been up to a week late i just don't want to be disappointed ya know. i think i'll probably test sunday if it's still not here.



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