Is It To Early To Have Signs

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JULESF - April 3

I was visting my husband before he got deployed,we have been trying to conceive,when i was with him is would have been during the time of ovulation,3/21-3/25.the days I was with him.This week I have noticed some br___t tenderness,I usually notice in one 1 when I am going to get AF,this time in both is it too ealry to be showing signs or pregnancy,I am due for AF on 4/11


steffwannababy - April 3

Wow wouldnt that be something! I think that tender bbs are one of the first sighns. I will say a prayer for you and my husband is in the USAF. Love em men in uniform lol


JULESF - April 3

thanks steff he is in the army,yeah they do look nice in uniform.We had not seen each other for 2 months,we will keep you in our prayers also,is he deployed?


steffwannababy - April 3

No he isn't thank God cause we have been TTC for over a year and I sure can't do it alone and further more it is so hard to wait the TWW out and not have him for support. I have a good feeling for you honey and I think this would be a great gift your husband can come home to.


JULESF - April 3

we have been trying TTC also,it is tough.It would be a nice present for him.I would not to go through labor without him.


trynagain - April 4

I am on the same cycle..due for AF 4/10. I have sore bbs, bloating and fatigue. took test 4/3, BFN. Was it too soon to test? It was a first response test. My bbs definitely feel a lot different from normal AF tenderness....any thoughts?


trynagain - April 7

I guess i got my answer....BFP++++++++++ I am still in shock, but very excited. Good luck to all of you.


Mommy2myGirls - April 7

I read that you can get b___st tenderness as early as a week and a half after concieving....


farmersdaughter - April 7

I dont really think it would be too early for b___st tenderness. Have you tested again yet? Good to see some other military wives...mines in the navy! Good luck to all!



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